Time For Mbaike To Align With Uzodinma, Njoku

In recent times concerned patriots of MBAIKE bloc have been wondering and asking questions regarding its position in the  current Imo political equation. Based on the  political configuration of Imo State at  the moment which has Gov Hope Uzodinma as captain and Prof Placid Njoku, their own son as his  deputy, Mbaike ordinarily is supposed to be visible partner in progress in the  Shared Prosperity Adminstration.  There are several plausible reasons why this should be so, chief of which is  Gov Uzodinma demonstration of uncommon love and respect made manifest in the choice of its erudite son, Prof Placid Njoku as his second in command.

Again, its rich and enviable political pedigree more than qualifies Mbaike  for that positive partnership role. Chief Engr Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, easily comes across as a worthy symbol of this political height and prominence. Other illustrious scions of the area that have contributed in the evolution include: Sir AUD Mba of blessed memory, Sir Ralph Maduwuba, Senators Evan Enwerem, Amah Iwuagwu, Sen. Samuel Anyanwu, Rt Hon Bethel Amadi, Hon Henry Nwawuba, Chief Charles Iwuamadi and Hon Uche Ogbuagu,et cetera.

However, it appears what is supposed to its  pride and strength is  now swallowed up by the strange self inflicted dissonance being masturbated by underground voices of detractors  posing as false patriots, and these  few irritants have been plying their ugly trade at the  expense of the unity of purpose of Mbaike and by extension that  between them and the  pragmatic Executive Governor,  Senator Hope Uzodinma and his  erudite Deputy  Professor Placid Njoku.

  They are also exploiting the  unbelievable silence on the part of Mbaike  to try to  destroy  perfect works  of the duo? 

Mbaike must rise to the occasion and profess solidarity to Governor Hope Uzodinma and Deputy  governor Placid Njoku. They  should take courage, pride, and strength in the names and words of our dead and living founding fathers that speaks to their  greatness. It is a common adage in Igbo land   that, “onye aghala nwanne  ya”, which translates to charity, begins at home. Again, did the  forefathers not speak to  oneness  translating  to strength and success thus: “akpaghi akpa gama igba ntaa, agbagbuo anu na enweghi aha” . 

Where is the good people of Mbaike heading to with the apparent  unnecessary cold war that appears to be resonating to its disadvantage and seemingly  rubbing  off negatively on its political fortunes and future as symbolized by its son and  faithful partner of Governor Uzodinma. 

Mbaike must ramp up their unalloyed support to Shared Prosperity government having contributed to its electoral success  despite all odds. It also deserves  the strengthning of its  place using the office of the deputy governor as point of contact to embolden it to continue supporting  strong push of 3R government to transform Imo State.  

This therefore is a clarion  demand that Mbaike and their  lovers do the needful by  rallying around their own, Prof Njoku who has shown uncommon loyalty his principal and whose patriotism to his clan  is undoubtedly sanguine and genuine.  Knowing the great people of Mbaike, procrastinating on a solidarity gratitude visit to the governor should be done away with now;  it has become exigent   to go to  Government House  to show unconditional appreciation for consideration  and making one of its finest sons , scholar of no mean repute and patriot-Prof Placid Njoku the number two citizen.

Mbaike  is never known to  slumber when greatness comes knocking its door.  So, all hatchets must be buried so that they can act as one  to prove to the Gov Uzodinma,that gratitude is in their DNA and that they know  that,”emezie onye akidi ya agwota ozo”. 

It is not in doubt that the people are at home with   the numerous projects, of Sen Uzodinma  adminstration being built to change the face of Imo state. It is also important it comes forward to be counted among those appreciating Governor Uzodinma’s dream and vision for the state and  Mbaike in particular. There is no doubt that the governor has Mbaike firmly rooted in his consciousness, he is ever ready to give its due as has already been demonstrated. It goes without saying therefore, that Mbaike will continue to  reap bountifully from the government.

Given, the foregoing  mischief makers and political gladiators who are running a campaign of calumny should hands off the ugly scheme. Simply put,

Mbaike is one and also one with Gov Uzodinma, the fanning of embers of  divisive politics aimed at derailing the  perfect chemistry in the Douglas House between the highly respected number one and number two citizens of our great state who are on a mission, and whose report cards are already beginning to glitter massive development projects and well thought out strategies should totally expunged going forward.

 Persons or group of persons inclined to indulging in obnoxious campaign of calumny, unwarranted and damaging behaviours that can hurt  the future of Mbaike and Imo State should have a rethink and retrace their steps.

 As a people what they should be seen doing now   is giving  the government unprecedented massive support as they look  forward to a son of theirs possibly becoming the next governor after Governor Uzodinma’s eight-year tenure  because it is said that: “onye fee eze, eze eruo ya aka”. 

Mbaike, it is your time to make a big statement supporting the  governor and his second in command, it is a patriotic mission, and all hands should be on deck. When Orlu stands, they stand together as one; when Mbaise coughs, the rest of the state catches cold, Owerri and Okigwe are not left out when they come together,  so   about time Mbaike toes same path.

Yes, they can, and must do that. This is the time for Mbaike to take its destiny in its hands. They should do that in respect of their living and memory of their fallen heroes and heroines, a peaceful and progressive Mbaike is possible    We cannot all be presidents, governors, Senators; at the same time, chetakwanu, onye fee eze, eze e ruo ya.  Let the aggrieved sheath their sword, for it will do no one any Mbaike must

 show some degree of unquestionable maturity with a common goal as a united voice for a greater Mbaike with eyes on the ball. 

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