Power is taken, not given –Oweaya …Says: No short cut to heaven

A notable OwereNchi Ise Community Leader, Mentor and Grand Patron Udodiri Ndom Owere, Chief Dr. Sir. Christian Oweaya Anukam (KSM) Agbawodikeizu has thanked women for successfully joining their counterparts in the last Mother’s Sunday celebration.

The Mentor and Grand Patron of Udodiri Ndom Owere home and abroad who admonished the women to follow the due process in their ongoing election to elect new leaders,  stated categorically that nature has made it that there is no shortcut to success, honours and positions are been recommended and given by the people based on the person’s contributions in the society adding that he has contributed to  the growth, development and welfare of the Udodiri Ndom Owere association in general, even as he stressed that power is taken, not given.

Chief Agbawodikeizu disclosed that the association was inaugurated by him 14 years ago

with a constitution which guides and every community, kindred and village unanimously elects those that will represent them both home and abroad. 

He urged them to maintain the constitution that guides the association and not allow any person to impose leaders on them, 

“I am not imposing anybody on them rather my interest is to support the association, and to ensure that the women do the right thing at the right time for peace to continue to reign among them and for the betterment of the association and every family as  women are the chief  security and mouthpiece of every family because they spendmuch time with their children then the fathers.” He opined    

Chief Oweaya , further, advised Udodiri Ndom Owere not to allow anyone to instigate trouble in their midst reminding them that this is the period of divine mercy which demands that they should forgive any person who had offended  them both in their respective homes, communities, kindred and villages, Including him their Mentor and Grand Patron if in the cause of discharging his responsibilities. he has in any way offended the association.

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