Cabinet Reshuffle: Cabals Clash In Uzodinma’s Govt …OCDA Boss: It’s laughable, I’m no cabal head

Last week, in the wake of two seeming unexpected events in the government of Gov Hope Uzodinma, rumour mills in Imo State were agog with claims of the existence of a powerful cabal in the government.

The events were the sudden redeployment of Barr Enyinna Onuegbu, one of acclaimed performers in the Gov Uzodinma adminstration from the Ministry of Lands to the obscure Power Ministry, as well as the demolition of a building belonging to Mr Chinasa Nwaneri, Special Adviser Special Duties to the governor.

The proponents of the existence of ” Douglas House” cabal posited that the group which has become so influential in the adminstration was behind the two events that reverberated across the length and breath of the state.

However, while the two happenings were being used as a yardstick to support what was being said, that of the case of Barr Onuegbu seemed to have made the tale believable for some obvious reasons.

Barr Onuegbu prior to his sudden redeployment was widely seen as a member of Gov Uzodinma kitchen cabinet, going by his prominent role in the CampHope Political Structure before Gov Uzodinma came to power.

Back then he was the image maker of the camp and although he is not a journalist he performed so creditably that the governors public rating and perception improved.

Again it has been alleged that himself and a few other legal minds in the government worked day and night to enthrone the present adminstration.

All these and many more of his courageous and sterling performances were believed to have endeared him to Gov Uzodinma and so ,nobody raised eyebrows when he was compensated with the office he occupied before his transfer.

As the insinuation of “_Douglas Cabal” continues to gain momentum, the man alleged to be its visible face, Engr Innocent Ikpamezie has debunked the claim describing it as laughable.

Engr Ikpamezie who is the General Manager of Owerri Capital Development Authority, OCDA, told Nigeria Newspoint at the weekend that no cabal exists in Gov Uzodinma’s adminstration.

He said:.” It’s a laughable situation. There is nothing like that. There is no cabal in Gov Uzodinma government.”

Apparently referring to the insinuation about the demolition of Mr Nwaneri’s building, Engr Ikpamezie noted that as an appointee he works strictly based on his duty schedule and in compliance with the rule of law.

Accordingly, he enthused that whatever he is doing in his capacity as OCDA GM is not geared towards witchhunting any individual but only geared towards the restoration of original Owerri master plan.

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