It’s early to defraud Bayelsa, Idumange tells Diri

Core Loyalist to former Governor of Bayelsa now Senator Henry Seriake Dickson, Comr. Idumange has Blasted Gov. Douye Diri lead Miracle administration, said it’s too early to “defraud Bayelsans”

The Chieftain of the People Democratic Party (PDP) and core loyalist to former Governor Seriake Dickson, Dr. John Idumange has said the N3 Billion CBN agric loan earlier obtained by Governor Douye Diri is a fraud. He said the loan has been diverted to private pockets of individuals instead of Bayelsans

“Sometime in 2019, the immediate past administration applied to the Central Bank of Nigeria for a N3 billion Agricultural loan. The Governor Douye Diri administration received the loan. The first tranche of N1.5 billion was paid in March, 2020 to the Prosperity administration. The money was squandered.”

“The last tranche of the loan N1. 5 billion has been paid in February, 2021 via Access Bank Plc. A paltry sum of money is what the administration is using to clear some hectares of land. I am sure the Commissioner of Agriculture was not aware.”

“Plans have been concluded by the Government to give fifty thousand Naira (N50, 000) to selected farmers in Bayelsa State. It is too early for the Prosperity administration to defraud Bayelsans then shift the blame to the immediate past administration. So far, we have documented 17 cases of fraud. When we get 25 clear cases of fraud, EFCC and the law courts will handle the matter.”

“Bayelsans should not be dupped in the interest of a tiny cabal of power holders. Let me warn that anyone who challenges me on the Agric loan issue will appear in Court in 14 days. All documents of payment of the Agric loan are at my disposal. This is a warning shot”…. Be warned!

In a follow up comment. Dr. John Idumange further disclose

“The N3billion is a loan that will be paid back by the Bayelsa State Government yet it was squandered. The genuine farmers are optimistic that money will come their way to do farm work, but you can see how Bayelsans are being treated”

“For those who know, I am a private investigator and I have taken the liberty to form an alliance with the new EFCC Chairman”

“In Bayelsa, under the prosperity administration, we have recorded about 17 cases of financial malfeasance, yet they desecrate the holy altar of God. Bayelsans are suffering and God is watching. The fraudulent loan has revealed one thing: that the Douye Diri administration does not have a media war-chest. I did not see one coherent comment that addressed the issue”

“When I went through the comments some people wrote in response to this rather innocuous revelation, I came close to weeping. One at a time, we shall reveal those cases of fraud and file them at the EFCC. The only reason we will stop is if government begins to do the right thing and stop deceiving the people”

“We shall only file matters that are of the overriding interest of Bayelsans. Let’s watch out for the second fraud”

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