Food Blockade: North’s Multiple Self Inflicted Injuries

By Greg Obioha

The alleged food blockade by the North is mere road show that lacks basis to succeed. It is height of foolishness and delusion for those behind that jamboree to make any impact to cripple the south apart from ruining their own  personal and corporate economy there in the north. Those food items from the north are products of strenuous farming activities and the funniest thing is that they are perishable and unprocessed items that could rotten if not sold and put to use through the end users, that is consumers. The north is hitting itself hard and injuring it’s helpless citizenry more as a result of this  mindless and nonsensical food blockade. It is the economy of the north that suffers and not the south because the entire livelihood and economy of the north depend on agriculture and sales of its products.

The south will survive because there are indigenous staples that can sustain the south for the main time before southern investors look inward to diversify their economy from trading, manufacturing to make inroad in mechanized farming. The south only needs biotechnology to boost food and animal production. These are essential things the north has not been able to do despite large arable  land and several years of favourable and preferential policies by successive governments at the federal and state levels.

I used to respect northern thinkers and managers because of their dexterity and sagacity but in this case, those behind the baseless blockade have exposed them to serious political and economic danger .It shows how selfish and parochial the north is. That implies that the north would have violently severed from Nigeria if petroleum that sustains the national economy is from there.The south and it’s political leadership should wake up and raise salient questions on the basis of this project called Nigeria. Who does what the north did and still pretend to be exponent of one Nigeria?Which one Nigeria? Fake one Nigeria! One Nigeria without any contributions! One Nigeria because you are parasiting! One Nigeria my foot!

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