Royal Palm Estate: Okorocha Goofed, Imo Govt has legal ground to take possession

The former governorship candidate of Accord Party Party ,Hon Dr Jude Nzeako has condemned in strong terms the unlawful breaking and entry into the lmo State Government sealed Royal Palm Estate by a Senator and the former Governor of lmo State, His Excellency,Anayo Rochas Okorocha.

He described the act as an unpatriotic action which can trigger social unrest in the State.

According to him ,the lmo State Governor, His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodimma believes in Due Process and Rule of Law.

Hence , he could not have sealed the property without taking the necessary steps” the property was sealed in line with the recommendation contained in Government Whitepaper of the Justice Duruohaigwe led judicial Panel of lnquiry on Lands and other Related Matters which was debated and adopted by the lmo State Executive Council. There is enough legal ground for the State government to re_enter that premises and take possession.

Aside the fact that the property belongs to the state government now, he also revealed that the alleged property of the wife of the former governor is situated on a Verge,which he said is destroying the topology of the state which  could cause environmental challenges for the state.

The Administrator per excellence frowned at the Imo West Law maker for trying to hit up the polity and wip up sentiment, when he could seek redress at the law court instead of taking laws into his hands .

Nzeako also took the ex- to the cleaners for indulging in hooliganism and thuggery while trying to gain hold of the gazetted Royal Palm Estate”Governor Okorocha is crying foul  ,while he is the culprit, between the lmo State Government and Okorocha who is the thug?,is it the one who broke the locks of the gates illegally or the person that locked the place.?Okorocha took enormous risk ,if there were thugs from the government as he claimed ,he could have been hurt. He risked his life unnecessarily by going there. With all the wealth he amassed while he held sway as the governor for 8, years , yet he could lay down his life for this,it doesn’t make sense”.

The Technocrat frowned at lmolites who glorify criminal acts and other wrong doings because of peanuts to desit from it and champion good governance ,’the present  administration is prudent and resourceful, irrespective of the challenges caused by COVID_19 pandemic ,the governor has carefully managed the little resources that is coming in to keep the state going .This is not a time to support anything that will distract the present administration or cause more tension which is in the country now.

He called on senator Rochas Okorocha to make a U turn and support the governor and his administration noting that his predecessors did not make it hot for him all through his 8 year rule. Moreso ,he is a serving  as an APC Senator from the same zone with the governor ,they should synergize and bring dividends of democracy to lmo State .

“I call on other Stakeholders in Imo State irrespective of their political affiliations to rise up and condemn this beasty act of the former governor Rochas Okorocha. If citizens are allowed to take laws into their hands, then there will be general breakdown in law and order which will not be good for all of us.

Okorocha is no longer the governor of Imo State, he should give Imolites both home and abroad the chance to judge his performance against his successor’s performance. His current outburst and claims are not necessary, Imo people are not stupid”

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