Journalists flay robbery attack on Defender Newspaper

Last Monday, Feb.8th 2021, the entire management-staff of “The Defender Newspaper” Owerri, witnessed what they described as ugly heights of insecurity when some unknown persons alleged to be criminals smuggled into the office of the News Industry at Egbeada Area of Mbaitoli LGA, Imo State,and carted away two (2) brand new laptops (computers), some electronics gadgets and the medium’s internet supply machines worth of millions.

Speaking with Defender Editor, Hon.Deacon Dan Opara, aka Danjay, to ascertain the real truth, he said, ” We are very surprise at the missing property of our news firm.

“My take on the looting of Defender Newspaper’s working tools by unknown criminals is that we are worried and disappointed at the level of insecurity obviously seen around Defender Newspaper’s premises and its environs”, Danjay disclosed.

The Editor, therefore suggested that the media should propagate the sad and worrisome news.

Deacon Opara said, ” It is vital to expose that wicked acts of those hoodlums who have chosen stealing and banditry as the only means of their livelihoods, even as he frowned at the heights of insecurity around their office and its environs.

The Editor, however vowed to fight against insecurity in the area.

“We must invite OCDA and ENTRACO to go and demolish those shanties and all the illegal structures around our office. We don’t want any reoccurrence of such criminality any more”,Danjay meant.

“Therefore, we as news men under the platform of Defender Newspaper, we must combat against such ugly and unlawful act melted upon the media firm”, he submitted.

From: The Editor, Defender Newspaper Owerri, Hon.Deacon Dan Opara, aka Danjay, on behalf of the Publisher and the entire management-staff.

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