Omeogu- Ogbuta urges Ihedioha to include women in cabinet

Congratulations again on your inauguration as the Governor of our beloved Imo State. It’s such a remarkable event that brought many hopes to Imolite and trusting your tenure will be prosperous and that through your policies, many families will come out of poverty and our youths and children will inherit the best future they deserve.
The motive of this letter is to advocate for the appointment of women to serve in crucial capacities in your cabinet. It is imperative that as the state is rejoicing in it’s liberation from the shackles of pharaoh, the female stakeholders should be involved in the monumental task of restoring our state to it’s lost glory.
An administration that gives women with dreams an opportunity to serve, will achieve more prosperity and realization of it’s goals. Beyond that, it will expand horizons and inspire ambitions among other women and place you as a foremost governor who translated gender equity from hollow words to concrete actions in your state, as you promised in your inaugural address to “be sensitive to gender issues, and ensure gender equity in government appointments and activities.”
Moreover, this will build a resilient civil service that delivers on the responsibility of the administration without unhealthy incompetence; nepotism and mediocrity.Do not see the participation of female candidates in different parties from the “us versus them” lens because such zero-sum thinking will lead only to negative-sum results.
The best way I believe to build a future of shared prosperity and shared responsibility is to incorporate women who have made giant strides in the political arena. States succeed when women have a stake in it. You campaigned on rule of law and gender equity and since the beauty of a promise lies in its fulfillment, now is the time to turn your campaign rhetorics into actions.
With hope for a balanced State,
Dr. Chidi Omeogu-Ogbuta, AAC Governorship Candidate 2019


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