Henrietta Jacobs: Woman of Integrity and Service

Those that know Pst. Mrs. Henrietta Jacobs in and out will testify without beating an eyelid that she is one person that doesn’t compromise especially when it comes to strictly complying with due process. “Getting things done rightly has always been her slogan”.
At the inception of this administration, the government went in search of an individual of proven integrity, virtuous and one closer to God for the position of an Special Advicer, S.A. Religion to the governor. After a prolonged search, Pst. Dr. Mrs. Henrietta Jacobs was found worthy to take up the assignment.
She served the government diligently in that capacity, proving herself a true child of God indeed by the way and manner she devoted herself to her job which brought the administration and the people closer to God. The government satisfied and happy that she was result oriented decided to make her the S.A on Public Affairs, a position she held and once more proved herself an indefatigable, dependable and reliable Public Affairs Manager which the State government appreciated by taking a step further making her the Director General Imo State Orientation Agency. The legacies she left behind have continued to stand her out as one of the best Director General the Agency has produced, because while there the Agency which almost went moribund was brought back to life and government policies and programmes brought to the door steps of the people. Every Imo citizen was meant to not only understand government policies but also a major player in its formulation.
Her antecedents, prudence, frugality, accountability, steadfastness and transparent nature were the features that made the government single her out and made her the substantive Chairman/CEO of the State Board of Internal Revenue, a position given to only men and women of unquestionable character.
She worked assiduously as the state Revenue boss to ensure the automation of every tax process, blocked all revenue leakages which incidentally has led to an overwhelming boast of the State Revenue base. Illegal Revenue collectors and consultants are no longer having a fields day. The level of transformation since she assumed office has been unprecedented and any one in doubt is advised to visit the new BIR headquarters, (with state of the art edifice) opposite Civil Defence office along Okigwe Road Owerri for further verifications and proofs. To some individuals it’s no longer business as usual and they are using every means available, including false and fictitious reportage to undermine her efforts. This is indeed ridiculous.
Jacobs should rather be appreciated and commended for her diligence, and commitment to the overall development of the State and I have no doubt in me that Jacobs, a truthful and faithful child of God is willing and able to do more even in the face of unwarranted distractions. Her track record of achievements will continue to speak for her.
Opara Marshal writes from Owerri

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