Imo’s true Rescue has come

Before the historical advent of the Owelle Rochas Okorochas led Imo Rescu Mission Government, Imo State was not dysfunctional. In fact, nothing really went awry in Imo State as to call for such a radical notion. The entire facets of the Imo State’s economy were functional and things were moving on smoothly. Surprisingly, the 2011 General Election was a first case of testing the timely revolutionary expression of discontentment by the Imo State masses. This they did through the power of their massive repudiation of the former Governor Ikedi Ohakim. The people of Imo State aptly got disenchanted and rejected the Clean and Green Initiative programme into-to. This marked the beginning of a new dawn in the annals of the Imo State political History whereby the Rochas Okorocha and his Rescue Mission mantra took over and infested the Imo State political landscape just like an influenza. Thenceforth, Imo State got enmeshed in the webs of euphoria and hysteria of maverick Rescue Mission crusaders up till today. The aftermath of that premature abortion of a sane government was the entrance or enthronement of brazen impunity in the guise, of Rescue Missionaries. Everything was up turned with anti-tidal polices and quite strange leadership style that is a far cry from being democratic. The rule of law was violated like never before. The working and extant government institutions were rendered so mystic that the general acts of governance were carried out like a demonstration of abracadabra. The fundamental duty of infrastructural development was masterminded by a gang of rapacious and viperous elements. Of course, the entire sectors of the economy ranging from Agriculture, education, health, local Government Administration, commerce and industry, employment and industry, employment and labour etc., to the general issue of security of lives and property were ran like a one man business enterprise. It dawned on the unsuspecting Imo State people that what they really got in lieu of a democratic leader was a political despot. The worse case scenario appeared as from 2015, after the re-election of the incumbent Governor Rochas Okorocha. The order of the day became treachery, oppression, embarrassment, humiliation and intimidation. The state was abruptly turned into a family project.
For the first time in the modern democratic dispensation, the desire to build a formidable political dynasty took the center stage in the business of government. And the Imo State was consciously placed under a siege by a very blunt divisive political structure nicknamed Agburu Anyi that was created to champion the Bizzaire Ugwumba movement. The awkward Ugwumba movement under the aegis of a wild weird Agburu Anyi political structure blazed across Imo State like a wild fire. This firebrand political movement took up one desperate political motive of mortgaging Imo State to just one family lineage that was out to hold onto political power for a whooping span of twenty four (24) years if not prevented. To this end, Imo State was curiously subjected to conscious exploitation by a rapacious clique of rascal individuals who indulge in excessive riches and wealth acquisition.
These cabalistic groups of villains in the kitchen cabinet of the Imo Rescue Mission Government of His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha besieged the common treasury and physical assets of Imo State just the same way scavengers gather around a dead and festering corpse. When the leaders turn out to be serious treats to the led, then, something, of course so many things have gone wrong. This is the real situation and condition that truly calls for emergency approach to actually rescue Imo State. Prior to 2011, Imo State functioned like a prosperous entity with decorum and decency. But, between 2011 and 2019, the state went agog with executive recklessness, abuse of due’/O^ /( process, negation of the rule of law, window dressing embellishment and anti-tidal Government policy decisions that are neither tenable nor hardly sustainable. It was a clear case of experimentation with the acts of governance. At this juncture, Imo State is in daring need of rescue. Now that the just concluded Governorship and state constituencies elections has churned out new breed leaders, Imo may soon heave a sigh of relieve. There appears to be light at the end of this turned. The people of Imo State have suffered untold hardship, deprivation, despoliation and dispossession. We need to be truly rescued from this mess. The education system teeters on the brinks of collapse in the face of a pretentious free education; whereas the health sector tends towards comatose.
The heart broken outcry of the Imo State people have reached the listening ears of the creator of all things. And the Imo State public has taken the bull by the horns once again to say no to a disgusting bum fluff. They have once again done what they did in 2011 by using the power of massive voting to flush out the viruses and parasites. At this time, Imo State truly deserves a rescue. Perhaps, this is’ also an ample opportunity for the incapable rescue missionaries to be rescued from the atrocious malady of kleptomaniac obduracy. It is not out of the question; neither will be an over-statement to desire for the recovery of the Imo State looted treasury. And this rescue could start with a systematic restoration and re-strengthening of the extant institutions of government rendered nearly moribund +by crass impropriety. At last, the state was delivered from hail into the able hands of a determined hard worker-Rt Hon.Emeka Ihiedioha-the Governor-elect.
This is to say Bravo to a people oriented leader brought to usher in a fresh breath of freedom to a people long held captive by deceivers with their already busted sinister agenda. Imo has finally been redeemed.”
Christian Akpunonu, SMS: 08034118223

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