Rochas, father of all lies, betrayals -Imo D-gov

Contrary to the comment credited to the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, stating that the Deputy Governor of the state, Prince Eze Madumere, betrayed him, the Deputy Governor has categorically emphasized that he never betrayed Okorocha as insinuated.
He explained that rather than being a betrayer but he championed the course for the emancipation of Imo citizens, which the people will eventually appreciate that it was good sacrifice and believe that posterity will be fair in judging what entire scenario.
Madumere’s statement was contained in a press release made available to the newsmen by his Chief Press Secretary, Uche Onwuchekwa.
The Deputy Governor recounted how he worked assiduously and assisted in stabilizing the system, which some people are beneficiaries of the what was established then and now reaping from where they did not sow.
His stated that his concern is not about what anybody is but how the people of the state have been so impoverished necessitated by Okorocha’s anti-people policies, policy summersault and disdain for any good advice. These were the reasons he adduced to the reason he took the side of the people.
Going on memory lane, he asserted that Okorocha betrayed those who made him what he is, including those who bank-rolled his election to becoming governor in 2011, wondering how he could accuse anyone at all of what he is.
Madumere further fired Okorocha over his large scale greed, which has led him into putting a finger in everything that ever comes his way, causing untold hardship to the people of the state.
Madumere wondered why Okorocha with all the dirty record in public office should be jealous of his country home acquired for both residence and productive activities since 1994 long before public office. “Madumere is not interested in grabbing anything on sight like Okorocha because he is content, a strong trait that should be associated with any good leader. Nothing will ever make Madumere come down to the irritating level of Okorocha, including stealing what he does not need.”
Madumere explained that he was appalled by Okorocha’s mention of Greek gift of senatorial ticket, describing it as most ridiculous… “His Excellency, Prince Madumere, is irritated by the mention of a Greek gift of a senatorial seat from Okorocha. “It exposes one of the traits of an emperor who does not have any atom respect for the democratic ideals and Madumere in his integrity does not accept such subterranean gift laced with dangerous proviso that I support his son-in-law for governor. Such executive recklessness and power drunkenness cannot be supported by a person like me because it is never in the interest of our people.”
The Deputy Governor called on Okorocha to face realities on ground, which boarder on squandered pension fund, allowances for political appointees, demolished business places and markets only to go behind to appropriate to himself and family members and above the missing bailout fund.
Today, both old and young considered the name Rochas Okorocha as synonymous with disappointment, treachery, greed, stealing and above all father of all lies and betrayals.”
Madumere further stated that he has no regret sacrificing his precious time, energy and professionalism trying to groom Okorocha into a normal human but would rather plead with ndi Imo for forgiveness for ever helping to manage to bring such a human punishment to them.
Madumere therefore called on Imolites to disregard Okorocha’s unfounded accusation, urging them to vote out any body that is related to Okorocha in whatever guise, describing every Okorocha crony as deadly virus in the polity.

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