The electorate and imperative of choosing good leaders

The 2019 general elections are here with us. On February 16 2019, Nigerians will be going to the polls to elect the president and members of the National Assembly. A few weeks after the national elections, the electorate will also file out to elect their governors and members of the various states Houses of Assembly. The coming election like previous elections in the country has generated a lot of tension and dust that fears are now being expressed in many quarters that it may be marred by violence and bloodletting. Several organizations,local and international have spoken of this likelihood and equally outlined the likely flashpoints. Similarly, the government, the INEC and security agencies which have identified as potential instigators of the potential electoral problems based on allegations of plans to manipulate the elections have severally been called upon to see to the conduct of credible, free and fair elections.
We want to assume that those concerned have heard these early warning signals and are ready to do the right things.
Against this backdrop therefore, we are now moved to shift attention to the Nigerian electorate to remind them of the historic burden this elections places on them.
The electorate in our considered opinion owe themselves and the nation the serious duty of of not only participating in the election but more importantly, that of voting in credible and pstriotic leaders.
We are handing down this advice in view of the hue and cry about economic and social hardship believed to be by products of bad leadership and governance prevailing in the country today.
We are of the view that there is one panacea to this malaise and that solution is voting in good leaders.
Like the holy book stresses when the righteous are on the throne, the people rejoice. Emanating from this biblical truism, it is trite to note that electing good leaders will automatically bring about good governance. Naturally, good governance will always bring about provision of dividends of democracy. When these desired provisions are made the welfare, wellbeing and security of the people are enhanced leading to national peace and stability.
There is so much to gain by electing good leaders and now that another opportunity has presented itself, we call on the Nigerian electorate to grab it with both hands and elect those that will satisfy their aspirations by giving their lives a meaning through good governance.

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