2019 Imo guber: Ihedioha takes campaign to those in diaspora

As the 2019 general election draws very close, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Guber candidate and the recently adopted candidate by Owerri zone, Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha, the former Deputy Speaker, Federal House of Representatives, carried his message on how to rebuild Imo State to Imolites in the United States of America.
Our staff who monitored the US tours confirmed the foreign tour by the former Deputy Speaker, Federal House of Representatives took him to about five states in the United State from the 2nd of December to about 10th and in one of the occasions in the state of Maryland, he met with Officials of Prince Georges County Economic Development Council(EDC) for mutual relationships and common business interests with the state of Maryland to be a sister state with Imo State after his swearing in on May 29th 2019.
On December 2nd , one of Imo State illustrious sons based in the United States, Dr. Jude and Dr. (Mrs.) Joy Onyegbado played host to Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha in their Maryland USA home, is where other Imolites from Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia attended.
During the reception, some government officials were in attendance including the Governor of the State of Maryland who was ably represented by Mr. Craft. Others included Senator Paul Pinsky, Senator Douglas Peters, Senator Malcolm Augustine, the states Attorney Aisha Braveboy, states Delegate, Alonzo from the state of Maryland.
The State Governor used the opportunity to officially welcome Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha to the state with the assurance of collaborating with Imo State if Ihedioha is sworn-in as the Governor in May 2019.
Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha used the opportunity also to intimately discuss with Imolites in attendance as he promised them of meaningful and transparent leadership and that he will never disappoint them when elected, and further pointed out that he has all it takes to liberate the state from all shackles of poverty facing the state now.
They all in unism decided to support his ambition with the aim that Imo State will be liberated after all.
During Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha’s tour of the United States, he had the singular opportunity to meet with very successful Businessmen within the Washington Area of America at the Prince George’s County, courtesy of Dr. Jude Onyegbado, President of High Quality care.
The Business group discussed extensively with Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha on possible Diaspora mutual business relationship, trade and friendship with Imo State, Nigeria and from available information, the business discussion was very successful, pending the swearing-in of Ihedioha as Imo State, Governor in May 29 2019.
Prince George’s County Community prides itself as the home to many successful Nigerian businessmen in Diaspora with highly educated members in US who have made their marks in their different fields endeavour, and they contribute so much to the robust economy of the area coupled with their strong contribution to trade with Nigeria.
The Business Community is said to have highly experienced members with tremendous economic growth over the past decade and is rapidly becoming the centre for economic development in the Washington metropolitan Area which they can translate back to Nigeria or Imo State.
They boast of a triple A Bond rating, highly skilled workforce and large supply of undeveloped land and is served by multiple inter-state highways, three international Airports and access to the Port of Bathmore, with the largest no of metro stations in the capital region that are primed for TOD and smart growth.
On the 6th of December, the Maryland Economic Council meeting with Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha expressed their desire to partner with Imo State after Ihedioha has been sworn-in as the State Governor and that their partnership will be in various areas of business, which are expected to be of mutual benefit to both areas.
It is now believed that with the series of discussions and business meetings held between Ihedioha and the Diaspora for economic ties, Ihedioha has started laying some solid economic foundations that may start yielding fruits after he is sworn-in as the Governor of Imo State come May 29 2019, and help exit the state from poverty circles which its presently battling with.
Speaking during the tours, Dr. Jude Onyegbado, a Nigerian, but America based business mogul said they are very ready to help the state exit its present economic quagmire if proper economic foundations are laid, which Ihedioha is doing now.

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