CAP guber: Poverty caused by humans

The governorship candidate of Change Advocacy Party (CAP), Revd. Ikenna has said poverty is not an economic accident but a system created by the actions of human beings via wicked policies.
The clergyman made the assertion while speaking at the World Human Rights Day celebration in Owerri.
According to the lawyer, poverty is created and can be removed by the actions of human beings.
He promised that if elected governor of Imo State in 2019, Imo youths will get support to start up their own businesses, as well as Imo traders.
The fiery cleric promised to provide an enabling environment for business growth, insisting salaries and pensions will be paid without delay.
Revd. Emmanuel disclosed that his Imo-Nigeria Human Dignity Tripod Vision is anchored on value for human life; human capacity building; and economic revamping.
He called on the electorates to elect people with proven character and integrity built on godliness, saying godly representatives will put an end to impunity.
The CAP candidate said “when you want to create economic prosperity, create entrepreneurs but if you want poverty, do political tokenism” saying “when quality education is tampered with, the future is doomed. Stressing that governments should stop building schools only, but focus more on training teachers and making them happy”.
Revd. Emmanuel called on the people to come out enmasse on election day and vote CAP to form the new government in the state.

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