Biafra: Those calling for referendum are right-Igbo Senior Citizens

An incorporated body of elders operating under the aegis of Ibo Senior Citizens Affairs Foundation (ISCAF) has strongly, voiced its support for groups and individuals across the globe clamouring for referendum on the issue of Independent state of Biafra.
According to the President of the foundation and prelate, Obi Ekpere Ndigbo, Enugu, Rt. Rev. Dr. Maglorious Enyioha (Bishop Ndigbo), peace would remain elusive in Nigeria until a referendum is conducted to determine the acceptability of Nigeria as one nation by all the federating units.
Bishop Enyioha who is also, the founder/general overseer of Friends of Jesus Global Mission Incorporated categorically, pointed out that the persistent agitation for a Sovereign State of Biafra comprising 32 provinces in the lower Niger area of the present day Nigeria emanated from gross injustice, unmitigated marginalization and discrimination in all sectors of the nation’s life against the Ibo speaking people of Nigeria.
“I want to point out here the very fact that no child who is properly taken care of by its parents would want to run away from home. It is a situation of adversity and utter neglect that makes a child or even an adult desirous of leaving home for survival. This, I think, is the case of the Ibo man. I also believe that this is also the case of some other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. This is why peace and true national unity have remained elusive in Nigeria. If referendum is the only way to ensure enduring peace and concrete development of all the areas now pretending to belong to one nation, so be it. I am saying this because, we have to accept the reality on ground and thus, put a stop to unbridled tribalism, killing of innocent persons and religious intolerance. The simple truth is that there can be no peace in Nigeria unless we agree to a referendum”, the Bishop Ndigbo stated.
The prelate urged the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to toe the path of wisdom and caution by ignoring faultering steps of individuals and groups clamouring for Sovereign State of Biafra and paying heed to their demands.
“At this point, it is pertinent to state that it is only a referendum to determine the sincerity and fate of Biafra agitators as well as other groups agitating for autonomy that would solve the myriad of problems bedeviling Nigeria”, Bishop Maglorious Enyioha stated.
He therefore, advised all groups clamouring for self governance to shun all forms of violence and pray fervently for referendum.
On the aims and objectives of ISCAF, the president of the organization stated, “we intend to effectively draw the attention of the populace to the plight of senior citizens, the aged in our society and, sincerely, strive to provide care and succor for the aged who on their own, are no longer productive in the society”.
The president of ISCAF, a body with operational headquarters at Nos. 1 and 3 Bishops Link Road, 1st Inland Road by Freedom Square, Owerri, Imo State of Nigeria also disclosed that the organization aims at enhancing the preservation, maintenance, revival and popularization of Ibo cultural and historic heritage.
ISCAF has Comrade Joe Emeremadu from Abia State and His Grace, Bishop Titus Orji from Anambra State as Secretary and Vice President respectively.

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