Words of a village Kaffir

I just finished watching a video in which Farouk Adamu Aliyu, who is a notorious Fulani irredentist and hardliner, a close ally of President Muhammadu Buhari and a former Minority Leader in the Federal House of Representatives said the following:

“The oil in Bayelsa and the Delta belongs to the people of Jigawa. If they try to take it from us we will fight for it. We will not allow them to stop us from having free and unhindered acccess to the oil and the money that comes from it. The oil is not theirs: it belongs to us all and if we have to fight for it we will. We fought a civil war over this issue and we kept Nigeria one because of it. If we have to fight another civil war and shed and spill blood again because of this matter we will do so. Of course, we are not one and the same people. I am Fulani, some are Ijaw and some are Yoruba. We are not one but God has put us together, so why can’t we remain together? We know that we are all different but you must understand that you can only take our oil from us after you have defeated us. Until then and as long as Nigeria remains one the oil belongs to Jigawa”.

These are dangerous and incendiary words which betray the sheer ignorance, utter depravity, moral degeneracy, intellectual bankruptcy, reprobate disposition and diseased mind of the village kaffir from Jigawa that has spoken them.  Those that I described in my last but one essay as the “useful idiots and accursed slaves” from the southern and Middle Belt Zones of Nigeria who continue to defend the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen and who constantly attempt to rationalise and justify Fulani hegemony should look for the video and listen to it very carefully.

They have much to learn about the crass and despicable disposition of their modern-day “bwanas” (which means “masters” in Swahili) and the objects of their shameless veneration and slavish worship from it.  It is indeed a collector’s item and an eloquent example of the unbridled and relentless expression of fascistic thinking, ethnic bigotry, hubristic pride, delusions of grandeur and the proclamation of the loud and boastful threats of a notorious and reckless school-yard bully.

His were the words of an all-conquering emperor reminding his slaves about who owns them, who is in charge of their lives, who will determine their future, who owns what they believe to be their land and mineral resources, who they are destined to serve, bow and crawl before forever and precisely where they belong in the hierarchy of humanity and the scheme of things in Nigeria.

I doubt that I have witnessed a more chilling, cold-blooded, irresponsible and dangerous display of sheer lunacy in all my years in political discourse than this other than perhaps when the combative Buba Galadima, another core Northern Muslim beauty, told the people of the Niger Delta that they are “nothing but slaves” during a debate on the floor of General Sani Abacha’s Constitutional Conference in 1995 or when yet another core northern behemoth by the name of  Bala Ibn Na’Allah proclaimed, on the floor of the Federal House of Representatives in 2009, that if the Yar’adua government felt that they needed to “wipe out” 20 million Niger Deltans in order to stamp out the insurgency in the area, put a stop to the agitation for resource control and ensure the free flow of oil to the north they should not hesitate to do so.

When one considers his words in this context, Farouk’s asertions must be taken very seriously and his murderous and homicidal intention, and that of those that think like him, need to be clearly registered and understood. Those that dismiss his submission with contempt and that regard him as nothing but a joker that is best ignored have missed the point: the bitter truth is that he has spoken the minds of millions of his Fulani people and fellow core Muslim Northerners.

This is particularly so in the case of those of them that are the hard-line supremacists and religious fanatics that constitute Muhammadu Buhari’s core support base and that can be found in the leadership and ranks of his government and ruling APC.

The insufferable arrogance and sheer nerve of these sons of Belial and descendants of Cain sickens me. Yet the truth is that even if you handed the entire oil and gas resources of Saudi Arabia to Jigawa, Jigawa will still remain Jigawa with fossilised minds such as that of Farouk Adamu Aliyu’s at the helm of affairs.

Among the things that I have noticed about core Northern Muslim leaders is a distinct lack of imagination: they cannot really perceive that the relationship of southern and Central Nigeria to core Northern Nigeria could be other than one of subordination. Appropiate and timely was the intervention of Mr. Ifeanyi Baron Okugbo who, after watching the video, wrote the following,

“We Niger Deltans are the worst cowards on earth.

With all this rubbish northerners still own 85 percent of our oil wells, they still have pipe lines connected from Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers pumping our crude oil to Kaduna and other northern states. Whilst they use our people as security guarding the pipes they are stealing our wealth and natural resources. “The other day the so-called richest woman in Africa said she inherited a rejected oil well and I asked, did the community and state where the oil well reside reject their oil well? She became rich stealing from that community and state’s wealth. If you go to that community today you will be shocked at their condition and state of living. For me we need war to free ourselves from this northern slavery and colonisation”.

On his part Mr. Johnson Madu from Southern Kaduna said, “only war will stop this madness!”

I leave it to the new generation of strong, proud and courageous southern nationalists and leaders like Adeyinka Grandson, Nnamdi Kanu, Asari Dokubo, Gani Adams, Charles Ogbue, Opeoluwa Akinola and my dear sister Aniko Briggs to go further, to continue to fly the flag of liberation, to continue to champion the cause of freedom and the oppressed, to continue to fight for the right of self-determination, to continue to defend the honour of the south and their respective people and to respond to the likes of this puffed up and loud-mouthed Arewa imbecile called Farouk Adamu Aliyu.  I leave it to them because I do not take pleasure in joining issues with monkeys.

Meanwhile, the savagery and barbarity of the footsoldiers of Arewa continue and the violence and carnage that they inflict on our people on daily basis has reached unprecedented levels and monumental proportions.

Consider the following: Five more innocent people, including women, children and a village head, were slaughtered by Fulani terrorists and herdsmen in Kaduna State the day before yesterday (5th April 2018). And needless to say none of the terrorists were challenged, apprehended or arrested by our Fulani President’s security forces.

In addition to that, on the same day, an entire family of four, including a man, his wife and two infant children, were butchered in Taraba State by Fulanii terrorists and herdsmen.

Again, none of the terrorists were challenged, apprehended or arrested by our security forces even though, in this particular case, there was a strong military prescence near the scene of the attack. As if this were not bad enough, media reports claim that a total of no less than 58 innocent Nigerians were murdered in cold blood in Zamfara, Kwara, Yobe and Kaduna respectively on that same Thursday 5th April and consequently they dubbed it “bloody Thursday!”

Sadly it didn’t stop there. According to members of the Federal House of Assembly between April 2 and 4 at least 24 innocent and defenceless people, including women and children, were slaughtered, mutilated and cut to pieces by Fulani herdsmen and terrorists in Benue State alone.

The truth is that we are nation that is in the throes of an undeclared war and the Fulani herdsmen have wreaked havoc in our country and levied genocide and a full scale military conflict against our people whilst the Fulani-led Federal Government protects and pampers them and treats them with kid gloves.

As Babatunde O. Gbadamosi wrote,

“these people are just so brazen. They keep pillaging, jailing, killing and maiming. One day, when they least expect, it will end”.

The question is when will it end and for how much longer must we endure the obscene barbarity that they continue to unleash on our nation and on our people?

How I wish that these blood-lusting creatures and flesh-eating beasts that plague and afflict our land with their evil wares and that can best be described as the seed of Amalek and the children of perdition could learn a thing or two from the beautiful words of the famous 12th century Turkish poet, reverred theologian and Muslim scholar, Jalal ad-Dīn Muhammad Rumi, who was a leading member of the Sufi sect and who was referred to as “Rumi” by his followers.

In 1250 AD this great man said the following:

“Listen with the ears of tolerance. See through the eyes of compassion. Speak with the language of love”.

Is it so difficult for the butchers and barbarians in our midst to appreciate the fact that in order to find peace, to be loved, to be welcomed with open arms and to be in a position to live in unity and harmony with the numerous ethnic nationalities that make up our country there are certain things that they must forgo and desist from doing. Permit me to share a few of those things here.

They must desist from raping, killing, maiming and taking pleasure in shedding innocent blood. They must desist from proselytising. They must desist from coveting the lands, farms, homes, crops, gold, oil, treasure, mineral resources, vineyards and women of their compatriots and fellow Nigerians. They must desist from imposing their own peculiar interpretation of the Islamic faith and their salafist and wahabi excesses and values on others. They must desist from seeking to enslave, rule over and dominate their fellow Nigerians in perpetuity.

They must desist from killing in the name of their god. They must desist from insisting that they were “born to rule” and they must accept the fact that no Nigerian was “born to serve” or born to be a slave. They must desist from being non-productive, from living a parasitic existence and from depending on the rest of Nigeria for daily handouts and oil money to develop, to evolve and to survive.

They must desist from refusing to educate their children and they must cultivate a firm resolve to set free, liberate and empower the poor, wretched, working class masses of the core Muslim north who deserve a break, who deserve to be treated like human beings and who deserve to be given a far better quality of life.

Most important of all, they must desist from encouraging and relishing the murderous brutality and genocidal disposition of their Fulani kinsmen and they must acknowledge the fact that only werewolfs, vampires and demoniacs delight in spilling and shedding innocent blood and behaving in this barbarous manner.

Everything has an expiry date, including the barbarity of the herdsmen and the godless collusion and covert collaboration between President Muhammadu Buhari and Boko Haram.

No matter how many Fulani herdsmen the northern Fulani ruling class deploys, shields and protects or how many Boko Haram fighters and commanders our Fulani President sets free, funds and empowers, Nigeria will NEVER be conquered and she will never belong to them.

No matter how many little Christian girls (like brave Leah Sharibu who refused to betray her God and renounce her faith) they abduct and enslave, we shall never bend the knee knowing that in the end our strength, courage, faith and firm resolve will see us through.

Of this I am sure because the Holy Bible tells us that “the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, or bread to the wise, or riches to the discerning, or favor to the skillful; rather, time and chance happens to them all”.

I am also persuaded that those that our collective oppressors and modern-day Huns have murdered, crushed, broken, humiliated, robbed, tortured, jailed, enslaved and ensnared over the last 104 years shall be vindicated, avenged and set free because our Lord is faithful and mighty and His word is sure. No matter how hard they try, the good people of southern Nigeria and the Middle Belt, will never be wiped off the face of the earth, exterminated, ethnically-cleansed, crushed or overwhelmed by the spawn of Satan and the servants of the Baphomet.

I say this because I know that the battle belongs to the Most High God and to He who sits high above the circles of the earth, whom we love and whom we serve.

He will never forsake us, even unto death, and neither will He allow our enemies to prevail over us.

In His name, in His time, in His way and by His power, He will make all things beautiful.

For His people and for the sake of His name, even though the night may be dark, joy comes in the morning.

The message is simple and clear: we shall overcome and we shall prevail over the Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram and the wickedness, trials and tribulations of Buhari’s evil regime.

We shall rise from the blood-soaked ashes and shame of failure and destruction. We shall be what God has destined us to be.

And, by the power of His word, one day, in the not too distant future, His love, peace, justice, equity, blessings, harmony and awesome power shall reign in our land and shall forge and bind us together into eternity as one united, indissoluble, indivisible, great and mighty nation which shall thrive, flourish and excel under the banner of the Living God.

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