Nwosu’s APC ticket bid Rests In Peaceas INEC shuts window of substitution.

The coffin carrying the ambition of Rochas Okorocha’s bid to impose his son-in-law in a succession bid through the ruling political party APC has finally been laid to rest .by the INEC guidelines on substitution.

What could have informed the spirited and desperate desire to impose his son-in-law Uche Nwosu on the people of Imo particularly via the APC.

It is simple ARC being the party of today’s federal govt. would have offered him all the cover and might of the federal security agencies including the various local vigilante and Gestapo groups he has long tried to maintain in the state. This would have made it impossible for any group to unseat the Okorocha “Agburu” dynasty.

It is not a one day dream, this whole idea was nurtured from the inception of Okorocha’s first term in office.

The speed of Okorocha’s 305 prefabricated elementary schools, the 27 general hospitals non of which has been completed in 8 years, the gratuities and pension of retirees. The ejection of pensioners of Alvan Ikoku a federal institution and acquisition of what remained their place of abode, and hope for a better day while died gradually.

The unexplainable defixing of funds kept in the bank from inception of  the state for capital development and the personal conversion of the said fund by being the only signatory to the new all.

The   purported   PPP arrangement  for all  markets in  Imo whereby Okorocha’s family now own all for life, the revocation of peoples’ long allocated plots of land and conversion to personal use of the Okorocha group.

The numerous govt. lands and property now standing in psendor names of Okorocha’s family all of this form the desperation to have his son-in-law to succeed him. Imo is no Haiti even in Haiti Papa Doc the maximum ruler was resisted.

The destruction of our heritage sites and culture and tradition, the non accounting of all monies allocated to Imo state for services. The Urban removal that has rendered Imo people homeless. All these create the fear of the unknown which is gradually catching up, hence despite all his Anti-party activities Okorocha is battling to cling to the apron strings of the President Muhammadu Buhari. He is singing to doidrum his chegrim songs of integrity, honour and accountability. He should leave Buhari alone and talk of his idol Jacob Zuma of South Africa – the man who represent his

Let us usher in the arrow heads of various political parties who are now faced with the equal task of telling the people and public of Imo State their programs and manifesto, and how they will restore their dignity.


There will no longer be an anointed minion imposed on the people using the misused powers of governance. The fears of accounting for the recklessness of office makes one paranoid.


This is the time for those who sworn that the best candidate and only accepted one for the office of governor is the anointed to prove their case. The advantage and disadvantages to all contestants are now equal. Let no one claim he was misled into voting for any candidate.


Let us all say the common prayer known as the Lord’s Prayer.


Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done – lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all evil for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen.

Let no Pharaoh, no emperor ever sit in office to install his “agburu” in Imo. There shall be no dynasty of evil established using the money of the people to deceive them and perpetuate hell on earth while creating heaven for the evil doers. The Lord has been our Shepherd even in want but God helps those who help themselves. So let us restore our souls and sing “Nune Dinitis” to bad governance as we cast our votes.

Let us pray that our net does not catch sharks who will try to devour us.

May God guide us to use our PVC wisely and shame the devil.

Let the NULGE not be deceived by the public show of disgracing the poor widow – the Accountant General of Imo state who has been offered as scope – goat for what has been their stock in trade, of this govt. There are no excuses, this is not the first time Imo money is lodged into accounts to accrues undeclared interest. We have been foiled long enough. Good riddance to bad governance.

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