YPP guber candidate reaffirms commitment to restore Imo

The Young Peoples Party YPP, governorship candidate, Dr. Linus Okorie has continuously stated that he is going to ensure that Imo State is one of the technological hubs of the world if given the opportunity to govern the state.
Dr. Okorie in a recent briefing with newsmen in Owerri unveiled that the major thrust of his administration is to strengthened the infrastructural base of the state so that there will be opportunities for the state economy to bloom.
He said that the road map of the administration will be led by the manpower development technique which will be piped to build economic capacity on the youths so that they will be self reliance and also contribute to the development of the state hence Imolites are embodiment of ideas.
The YPP candidate explained that he will purposefully concentrate on the infrastructure because he is aware that the state is lagging behind at such cannot attract investors into the state which is the main cause of unemployment but his administration will utilize every provision to engender growth and development of the state economy.
He maintained that Imo State will no longer depend on the federal allocations in order to function because the state has many other resources avenue which have not being tapped, so he will explore all to put the economy in full swing through Private Partnership Programs PPP, with foreign firms who are already calling on him for actions.
Dr. Okorie promised to be diligently reliable if voted into government House as the governors of the state come 2019, because he does not have a god father who will also want him to abide by his instructions, added that he has come to serve the state with the best of his knowledge and God on his side he will deliver democratic dividend at the end of the day.

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