Prophet Mongo heals Japanese woman of cancer, HIV, Kidney disease

Sometime ago, the story of a woman with Manikamawuleke Kiobohte Mawu, meaning let all her body including her private part swell was healed by the Prophet of God, Scarry Mongo, which has led to Miss Ronke Omolola the victim to bring her friend, Miss Marie Padovah a Japanese to the Prophet for healing.
According to Miss Padovah, she had earlier been proved to be having some complicated illnesses which were Cancer, Kidney and HIV issues in her body system by a renowned hospital in her country which made her to come to Prophet Mango, who God has now used to heal her at the country home of the Prophet of God in Oguta LGA of Imo State.
Miss Padovah who is the only child of the family said that the same ailments are the cause of the untimely death of her parents in Japan of which if they had come in contact with the Prophet, it would have been solved.
She flew in from Japan to seek the face of God of Vengeance who, through the Prophet gave her ten days perfect healing. After the spiritual administration her Cancer, HIV and Kidney issues were no longer with her, “meaning that there is God who can heal all manner of sicknesses in Nigeria”.
Miss Padovah thanked God for the healing of her sicknesses in Nigeria, adding that she never expected such an instant miracle in her lifetime, also the Prophet who God has used to deliver her from the spiritual attacks which have killed her parent before knowing the prophet.

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