2019 election, of politicians and destruction of opponents’ billboards in Imo

Politics essentially ought to be a game of wits rather than physical combat. Brutes and desperados who jump into the game of politics usually come with the strange mindset that the ability to brutalize and oppress others especially, opponents gives them the edge to win. They careless and give no hoot about critical socio-economic issues that ought to form the fulcrum of political campaigns.
Recently, there have been outcry from politicians contesting various elective positions in political parties in Imo that their billboards are being destroyed by unknown suspected agents of their opponents. During his governorship declaration a couple of months ago, former Governor Ikedi Ohakim had raised alarm about the manner hoodlums believed to be working for incumbents have been going about destroying and pulling down billboards of their principals opponents. The ex-Imo governors is not the only politician that has condemned this rather act of cowardice. Some other politicians in Imo State have variously complained about the callous removal of their campaign posters by agents of their perceived opponents.
This development to all intent and purposes, smacks of crude politics only akin to Idi Amin era in the East African state of Uganda or even the autocratic, xenophobic Hitlar Germany or in Emperor Nero’s Ancient Roman Empire. Truth is that perpetrators of this act clearly suffer from chronic complex problems and are the least qualified to aspire to any public office. Why? Because if they actually has anything to offer Imo people, they should not be afraid of opponents to the extent of hiring miscreants to destroy either their billboards or posters.
Funny enough, while billboard and poster of incumbents or those in ruling parties usually remain untouched, those of opponents are mindlessly destroyed.
This is morally wrong and ought to be stopped by ensuring that the culprits are nabbed and prosecuted. Since we are in a democracy, all the political gladiators irrespective of party affiliation should be given a level playing ground to sell themselves to the people. Imo belongs to all of us, whoever that is in-charge at any point in time should remember that he is only a tenant that will park out after four or eight years.

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