Politicians plan to kidnap underage children -Prophet

A Prophet of God, King Scarry Mongo has opened up on a recent revelation given to him by God Almighty about impending upsurge in kidnap of children beteeen the ages of two and above for ritual purposes.
The prophet who made this known to Nigeria Newspoint at the weekend said parents and guardians and the public should increase vigilance and watchfulness as a way of forestalling the evil.
According to the servant of God politicians who are in desperate need of power and offices in 2019 are the brain behind the plot to abduct children and use them for ritual purposes so as to achieve their wicked ambitions.
He further revealed that this sinister agenda from the message he received would cut across Rivers and Imo States, urging parents to take this revelation serious and be extra vigilante to avoid regrets.
He also warned young girls and boys who are given to going out with men and women in the name of good time and money making to be extremely careful as they also may fall victim of these blood sucking politicians.
The man of God averred that the the end would soon come for these devilish politicians who he described as worse than Otokoto as they buy and sell human parts, warning that if they don’t turn a new leaf,doom would befall them.

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