State of Imo today and need for Frank Nneji

Imo state is sick no doubt about this. It is no longer news that the economy of Imo state is in a such terrible condition that she can no longer fulfil  her financial obligations to her citizens. At the present, not a single part of her financial involvements including monthly wage bill can be settled fully. Like an individual down with a severe illness without adequate treatment, her horrible situation has continued to get devastating each day that passes without hope to get better.
For instance, imo workers go home at the end of every month with half salary while the senior Citizens who served the state meritoriously and need their monthly pension to keep body and soul together are denied of them, unlike what is obtainable in other states.Workers in the health sector and other sector  are no longer entitled to allowances for working for extra time at their demanding duty posts. Just to mention but a few. The situation has gone such bad that every imolite young and old except sycophants or simpletons  knows that all is not well with the state.
Sadly, bad leadership is identified as the remote cause of the present economic quagmire in the state. Yet the state is known worldwide to be the state with the highest number of professionals and men who have made their marks in life. Without doubt, the state is also richly blessed with natural resources but the problem is having a sound minded leader that can harness these God given endowments for the betterment of a good number if not all of her citizens.
It is unbelievable that through out her over forty five years of existence the state has never had it so bad as it is today. It can be vividly recalled that the present government during the electioneering period made the  promise to pay Imo workers hundred percent of the nationally accepted minimum wage and pension which pushed the workers to not only vote but also take the campaign to the nooks and crannies of the state. But today with the slashing of their monthly salaries and denial of other financial accruables Imo workers can not say that the present government has fulfilled it’s promises. And as a result of this, Imo workers may vote against any candidate running on the platform of APC.
Most disappointing is that the man at the helm of affairs of the present government is a politician of long standing who had tried his hand in so many elective positions to no avail till the people of the state due to his numerous  mouth watering promises voted him into power in 2011. He had assured that he would use his wealth of political knowledge to bring the state out the woods. But will one say today the state is better off? No, he instead of living up to upto expectation brought squalor to the people.
Interestingly, it is on good record to know that these unpaid pensions and slashed salaries including other debts have amounted to over #200b and must be paid either today or in the near future.The failure of the state to pay them today is just like rescheduling the payment to a later day. And to pay them on a later, it takes a man of self discipline and good managerial skills to be able to govern a state with such huge debt profile and still deliver the goods to the people. This kind of man is not easily come by. They are rare to find because all politicians will pretend to be such a man. They will come with their sweet mouths and even make more enticing promises but we must not forget that the taste of the pudding is in the eating.
Therefore as political activities are gearing up towards 2019 general elections imo people should not allow themselves to be deceived again by these habitual politicians. They should look out for a successful business manager who hasn’t only lived and done his business here but also used them to bridge the  unemployment gap in the state. Imolites should look for a man not necessary a habitual politician but a man who has run his businesses from nothing yesterday to today magnificent edifices that can as well turn the state from a debt ridden one to a vibrant economy that can fulfil all her financial obligations to the people and still run other sectors.
Going by the above illustrations and descriptions, it is only one man in the state that can exactly  fit in and he is no other person than the Aboh Mbaise born technocrat, the Founder of ABC Transport, the chairman/ Chief Executive Officer RAPIDO Ventures, the former President of Owerri Chamber of Commerce, a graduate  of foremost University of Nigeria Nsukka, the philanthropist of note, the God fearing man, the son of a retired military man and retired nurse and a father of four, Mr. Frank Nneji OON.
Therefore let’s join hands with other imo people to usher him into the state government house in 2019 to salvage the state and put back the state on track of economic recovery as set out by the the founding fathers. Honestly with him our dear state will be recovered, reconciled and rebuilt. So be part of the REBUILD IMO project now to keep a date with posterity for tomorrow will be late.
Oloko Reginald Chukwuemeka is Media Assistant to Frank Nneji ,OON

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