Ekiti Election: A post-mortem

The July 14, 2018 Ekiti State governorship election has come and gone but the dust raised by the highly disputed result as well as the conduct of the election, are yet finally settle. Nigeria Newspoint had in its editorial of July 11 edition reminded all stakeholders in the election on the need to play by the rules especially, security agencies. But hardly had that publication hit the newsstand than reports of alleged invasion of Ekiti Government House by security agencies during which Governor Ayodele Fayose claimed he has pushed and tear-gassed, went viral in the media. The incident from what we read, also attracted the attention and visit of a top United State diplomat to Governor Fayose at Government House Ado Ekiti. Although security agencies denied any wrong doing against Fayose. Developments during the election proper from published reports seem to suggest that we are yet to get it right as far as elections are concerned in this country. There were allegations and counter-allegations bordering on rigging, thuggery and intimidation of voters at polling units as well as buying of votes. The People Democratic Party, PDP, has been shouting blue murder over the declaration of the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate, Fayemi, winner of the poll while the APC seems not to be bordered by these weighty allegations as though victory was all that mattered to it. Nigerians have continued to query the rationale behind the drafting in of about 30,000 security personnel or more to a state of just 16 local government areas for the purpose of governorship election. What then do we expect during the general election that will involve all the 36 states of the federation in 2019? Fact remains that the increasing role of security agencies during elections in Nigeria is becoming worrisome. When we watch elections done in many other parts of the world, we hardly see soldiers or policemen hanging around polling units or commandeering voters on election day, nor do we hear about incidents of vote-for-cash. These developments no doubt, rob off negatively on the overall image of Nigeria. They portray us a country or people incapable of solving their own problems. The international community could begin to see the country as a mere jungle while potential foreign investors may decide to look towards other countries. Time for to make amends.

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