There’s need to fight moral decadence in IMSU -Ex-Librarian

The immediate past Imo State University, Owerri, Librarian, Professor Okey Okoro has bemoaned the high rate of corruption which he said cuts across all the strata of the management of the institution, at the same time affecting the moral of human capital development in the society.
Prof. Okoro in a recent press chat with Nigeria Newspoint disclosed that there is need to fight the morale decay in the state university which is continuously rising by the day as a result of top management in ability to checkmate and control the system.
He explained that it is wrong for students to cut edges in order to find results or document files in the institution, and this is common acts in IMSU, such that the students are no longer finding it funny, stating that there are too many corrupts practices among the top management that needed to check because of its effects on the society.
The former librarian stressed that the challenge for the fight against corruption in the institution is because the students are been trained to be the human capital base of the society, of which if not properly equipped with the moral standard needed to move the society forward it will affect the socio-economic and political sphere, therefore, there is needs to put them in the right shape which spur them to be good working tools for better development but what is observed in IMSU is the reverse standard.
Prof. Okoro who was the former commissioner for Petroleum and Environment stated that it will be very unfair if at the end of the tenure of the Rescue Mission government led by Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha, there is no good road network, no electricity, and good potable water in the Oil Producing communities in the state who are the goose that laid the golden egg.
He said that since the past seven years, the oil producing communities are not better off, because there is nothing to show that the areas are the oil producing areas which needed to be unproved on.
The ex-commissioner thanked governor Okorocha for the improved security system in the area but maintained that there is need to add more to make the oil region look better especially on the area of manpower development and empowerment.
Prof. Okoro added that if the industrial park earlier planned by the state government had being completed it would have assisted in boasting the state economy and also create jobs for the areas and beyond.
He further said that what is been needed to curb restiveness in the areas is providing good job opportunities and government being able to tidy up the Global Memorandum of Understand (GMOUS) with the oil operators in the areas.

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