Oyegun buys form to contest APC, chairmanship

All Progressives Congress, APC, reverses itself in a very dramatic way as incumbent Chairman, Chief John Oyegun purchases form to run for the office of the National Chairman in the forthcoming National Convention.
Chief Oyegun is said to have convinced all the APC governors who were hitherto routing for Oshiomole to come back to the fold.
As at the time of filing this piece of news, the governors had already made it plain and clear that the devil they know is better than the angel they don’t know.
In a related development, ranking members of the APC NWC pleaded with the embattled Chairman to consider re-election as the National Chairman of the party. The party chieftains convinced the former governor of Edo state that the party may face disintegration if he abandons or cede the leadership of the party to a new person at this critical period of interregnum.
According to unconfirmed report, Comrade Adams Oshiomole, riding on the support of Mr. President, is said to be grossly agitated on the turn of events. Mr. Oshiomole is still unable to understand what informed the decision of Mr. Oyegun to challenge him in the race for APC chairmanship.
As it stands now, Oshiomole stands no chance in the event of a secret balloting between him and Oyegun. The entire structures across the 36 states, plus FCT are completely owned by Oyegun and his men including the governors are in his good books.
Ex-Gov. Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban is also said to be unconnected with the turn of events. Although political pundits are predicting outright destruction of APC thru this latest voyage. A noted political prophet and ardent follower of PMB who pleaded anonymity has reportedly said that the governors must have agreed with the President to subvert the Oshiomole chairmanship to allow a smooth sail for the current Chairman.
Interestingly, the biggest looser in the current power play in APC, sofar, remains the alleged land grabbing governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha, who was unable to withstand the firepower of the Allied Forces throughout the APC congresses.
The emergence of Oyegun as the National Chairman, will certainly bury any hope of the Imo State governor getting any attention from the would be National Working Commission, NWC.
Gov. Okorocha is said have started an unscheduled shuttle diplomacy to convince the governors not to disrespect Mr. President.
But according to a very reliable source close to the power that be, the deal to return Oyegun has been signed, sealed and delivered.

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