Assembly: Anowey re-assures Owerri Municipal of commitment to effective legislation

The leading House of Assembly aspirant for Owerri Municipal under the platform of APG/0/V Evangelist victor Tochukwu Anowey has re-assured   the leadership of his party of his total commitment to effective representation and   of building a stronger APGA in t he municipal council and state.
Evangelist Tochukwu Anowey stated this last week in Owerri during meetings with the principal ward and EGA women leaders and youth leaders.
Anowey who hails from Umujiaku kindred in Umuonyeche village of Owerri Municipal council noted that he had spent all his life in Owerri municipal and all his education in the town as well.
He informed that since 2003 he had been involved in politics at various levels and ultimately served as Executive chairman of the National youth council of Nigeria for 6 years, a position he held and earned Owerri youths a seat in the security council of the municipality for the first time and also used it to impact positively upon the lives of youths in the capital city.
He called on them to consider the need to do things differently for the benefit of generations to come, stressing that if elected, he would carry the party structure along with every executive having a sense of belonging and proud of the party.
Evangelist Anowey maintained that his tenure in the Imo state House of Assembly would witness the re-imaging and treatment of Owerri Municipal as a real municipality like its counterparts of Lagos, Part-Harcourt, rather than the current treatment as a mere local government.
The House of Assembly hopeful said that this push for change of status for Owerri municipal would require, among other things working with colleagues to see the benefits in this.
He also promised to push for laws that would impact positively upon lives of people, especially youths and all residents of Owerri.
Anowey promised that with an APGA governor his task would be made easier as the synergy that would exist would help them work out avenues to engage the people of Owerri municipal.
On his readiness to whether the storms that would surely arise on the road to the state House of Assembly. Anowey assured that he had the needed courage and confidence, adding that however the outcome goes, he would never leave APGA but would continue to work for the greatness of the party.
Many of the people who spoke at the meeting noted that the youthful Anowey was the kind of aspiring they had been looking for, stressing his eloquence, sense of purpose, good education and integrity with a clean track record of accomplishments as a leader at various levels.

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