Ebubedike seclares for Owerri Senatorial Seat

A Nigerian born, American trained Investment Banker, Chief Casmir Kelechi Ebubedike has declared his intentions to contest the Owerri senatorial sea come 2019 general elections.
Addressing a handful of journalists in Owerri this week Wednesday, Chief Ebubedike said he is venturing into elective position in 2019 general election to see how he can correct most of the ills in the society.
Ebubedike who has spent greater part of his life working in financial institutions in the United States said he is always driven by the desire in him to help his people both at home and in diaspora.
He said a lot of things have gone very wrong in the country, and to try correcting it will require determination and zeal to put in selfless service at the National Assembly.
The Mbaise-born Banker turned politician said if he gets to the senate, among other plans he has, he will put enough efforts to see that the country perfects the process of strengthening the Electoral body, the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) to be strong enough that no person, even the President of the country cannot easily influence them at any point in time and he will put in efforts to get legislation allowing Nigerians in diaspora to vote during elections.
Chief Ebubedike said he will also put in efforts to see the possibility of getting legislation that will help strengthen both the Insurance and retirement package of retired Nigerians. He observed that majority of Nigerians have not yet known the importance of the Insurance business in the economy and he will be expecting that there will be a retirement policy which will take care of both the private and public sectors.
He is of the opinion that if Nigeria can get it right on adequate retirement packaging for Nigerians, it will help to checkmate corruption and encourage productivity, because lack of adequate retirement policy breeds in fear for those working because, they are not sure of their gratuity and pension on retirement and they will be tempted into trying to acquire enough wealth for his children and grand children as the case may be.
On the State Police issue, Chief Ebubedike said he advocates for State Police in Nigeria over the years. He said a modality will be worked out on how the state policing project and the Federal Police will work. He said of both them should be very close and work together with the same objective of maintaining peace and eradicating criminality and rascality in the society.
He recalled that the spate of killings in the country in recent times, especially in Benue State where armed Herdsmen are said to be killing innocent souls who have done nothing and pointed out that if there were state police in Benue State, what happened could not have happened.
Chief Casmir Ebubedike who hails from Obokwu autonomous Community in Ezinihitte LGA of Imo State had B.A in philosophy from University of Calabar before traveling to the United States and in the states, after obtaining his MBA worked with New York Life and Securities before moving over to Marrill Lynch Investment Bank and later Webster Bank.
He said his experience in these areas enabled to enrich his knowledge in investment Banking which he also practiced as a Consultant to various big organizations in the United States who he helped to develop their retirement packages and other things.
Chief Ebubedike had several recommendations from the Republican Party in the United States to which he had very close relationship with their top party leaders including former American President, President George Bush.
Chief Casmir Kelechi Ebubedike holds a traditional title of “Onwa n’agba n’itiri 1 of Obokwu Autonomous Community.

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