Orlu youths conclude PVC sensitization tour

The Youths of Orlu Zc.ie under the aegis of Orluzurumee Youth Assembly has called on leaders and good people of Imo State to be confident and united ahead of the forthcoming general election, noting that no challenge can be mate at odds and split asunder. Speaking at the Grand finale of her PVC sensitization tour, which held at Orlu Hotel in Orlu, over the weekend, the National President of Orluzurumee Youth Assembly, Comrade Dynamic Darlington Uzoahia stressed that the entire youth of Orlu Zone are indeed ready to ensure that good governance will come to stay in her time and Orlu nation, Imo and Nigeria at large will be great again. While noting that 2019 is a year of decision and must not pass by without meaning contribution as the heirs of that revolution to change the debate of her time, while noting that they have been so deceived, and therefore are determined to pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of their collective liberty”

Uzoahia, during his address, said the PVC sensitization movement began on 17th March with Oru West, Oguta, Ohaji/Egbema Federal Constituency and held at Le Grand Hotel Mgbidi, and subsequently to Ideato Federal Constituency on 24th March, at Akokwa Town Hall, and was taken down to Isu/Nwangele/Nkwerre/Njaba Federal Constituency on 6th April at St. Mary Catholic Church Umuaka, and finally, was on Saturday 28th April been the grand finale for Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency. He stressed that the movement is in fulfilment of the Assembly’s pledge to significantly demonstrate her continued interest as youths in driving the needed socio-societal development as fiduciaries of democratic principles. While noting that they are not relenting in their plans to salvage her people, as they further plans other programs such as, Voters Education, an all Inclusive Political Debate and inauguration of 30 man Pooling Booth Armies across the 137 INEC wards in Orlu zone. ” It is unfortunate that Leaders are always starting wars every time they want, some for their rights, some for fun and their own glory, letting people die for the wrong that they do, oh its painful” Uzoahia Concluded Meanwhile, the Chairman of the occasion who came all the way from United States of America, Chief Sir Stephen CY Uwaezuoke, Chairman Orlu Regional Assembly Political Action Committee (ORAPAC) USA, while addressing the audience, called on robust partnership and undiluted commitment in strengthening our democracy and actualizing good governance. He stressed on the need for leaders of Orlu zone, Imo and Nigeria at large to see the PVC Sensitization process as a step geared towards actualizing a democracy were all can be proud of. He noted that good governance can be realised, when we strengthen measures that can guarantee strong, free, fair and credible election process and as such the time is now, he posited.

Furthermore, the Keynote Speaker and Chairman National Population Commission, Chief Barr Eze Duruiheoma, SAN in the same vein, while address the assembly, noted that voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and that everyone has a moral obligation to protect and ensure the integrity of our voting process. He said voting during election is the key to popular participation in the political process and the bedrock of democracy and without which the simple definition of democracy “As the government of the people by the people and for the people” loses its essence. The outstanding legal luminary went further to state the challenges confronting the Nigeria electoral system which he said have inhibited popular participation in the political system and made democracy less rewarding. He went further to note High level Political Apathy, Low Civic Education, Logistic of Voter Registration, and integrity of the voter register as cohabiting factors challenging the voter’s registration in Nigeria, as such quarried that despite the huge population size of Nigeria, which is close to 200 million, the voting population of barely 70 million is very low given the fact that all persons above 18 years of age are eligible to vote, yet a substantial number of registered voters are yet to collect their PVCs and therefore limiting the number of people who can vote during elections. Furtherance to this, the Keynote speaker, Chief Barr Eze Duruiheoma, SAN noted that the National Population commission (NPC) can play a role to arrest this challenges bedevilling the electoral system.

Speaking in his word; it is important to stress the fact that there is a symbiotic relationship between election and population data including census and civil registration and sample surveys be conducted by the commission, he stressed that there are many ways data generated from the commission can address those challenges felt in election process. He stressed that there are better ways the commission could contribute to voter’s registration and indeed the electoral system. Which includes – Planning For Voter Registration, Monitoring of Voters Registration inclusiveness of voter Registration, integrity of the Voters registration exercise, providing evidence of eligibility of voter registration, Using vital registration centres as registration points for collation of Permanent Voters Cards and finally forging synergy on voters registration between the National Population Commission and Independent Electoral Commission. Moreso, he went ahead to announce that the Independent National Electoral Commssion (INEC) under the leadership of Prof Mahmood has expressed the willingness to collaborate with the commission in the execution of its mandate not only on Voter’s Education, but                                    other electoral activities.

“He concluded by calling everyone to get their PVC and noted in the words of George Jean; that Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote, Duruiheoma concluded”

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