Christians must defend themselves against Herdsmen- Uzoma

Bishop Uzoma Emmanuel the presiding Bishop of Christ Victorious Alive Revival Mission and Rector of Alive Theological Seminary Owerri. Weekend calls all Christians to rise up and defend themselves in the country. He made this call shortly after his meeting with his pastors and students in the seminary. The Bishop stated that God is not against self defense pointing out that in the Old Testament time, God commanded them to go to war and fight stressing that the Old Testament bible are full of wars and the people of God (Israelites) defended themselves in the midst of precarious situations or when they found themselves in a state of higgledy piggledy or in a State of dilemma.

The church according to him which is the body of Christ has suffered series of attacks, killings, tortures, torments, intimidations, and unprecedentent hardships in the midst of pagan society right from the time of the early church till now. In his view, the cleric stated that Jesus Christ who preached pacifism also went to the temple and literarily flogged the people and drove them out of the church. Was it not a defense? The same Jesus in the cost of his ministry told his congregation that they should own a sword which could represent many things such as weapons, guns, matchets, etc. Little wonder the disciples of Christ had their swords with them having seen Peter cut off the ear of Marcus with a sword. Luke 12:11-12, Acts 22:1, 24:10, John 2:15, Exo. 21:23-25, Deut. 16:20, Exo. 20:10-18.

The fiery preacher challenged the federal government of its silence over the death of many Nigerians. Prof. Uzoma was worried over the incidence of horrendous killings of many Christians in some part of the country. He condemned the activities of the herdsmen for their barbaric atrocities and sacrigious act being perpetrated in Benue state and other states of the federation. He pointed out that about 217 persons lost their lives between December 2017 and April 2018. Bishop Uzoma therefore calls Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to rise up and protect their members to avert  further killings and molestations of their members. He also pointed out that self defense is biblical. Bishop Uzoma Emmanuel calls the Imo State CAN chairman to call for protest in the state by all Christians in demonstrations of all killings that has been going on in the country. Hence a death of one Christian is a death of all Christians. Enough is enough!

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