Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party: ANRP bemoans poverty, sufferings of Imo citizens …Flays Governor’s anti-people’s policies …Assures Imolites of better days …As Party Conducts state Congress

By Paul Chukwu


The Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, ANRP, has expressed dismay over what it described as “the astronomical rise in poverty and sufferings” people of the state are subjected to by the Rescue Mission administration led by Governor Rochas Okorocha.
The party however attributed the high level of sufferings in the state to what it explained as the “crass insensitive and anti-people policies and programs of the Okorocha led government which runs contrary to the wishes of the people of the state.
The newly elected Chairman of the party in the state, Mr. Chibuike Nwachukwu, in an exclusive chat with Nigeria Newspoint newspaper on the happenings in the state, further expressed shock that the people of the state are left in penury while those they elected to serve are flaunting the Commonwealth of the state, while living in opulence.
On the Urban Renewal program of the state government which has seen so many residents of the state loose their means of livelihood, the state Chairman suggested that such program should have been carefully conducted with human face without further impoverishing the people.
He said: “just look around the nooks and crannies of the state, what stares you in the face are nothing but poverty and sufferings. They seem to be the greatest weapon this government has adopted to whip citizens of the state into submission”.
“It beats my imagination how unconcerned these people can be towards the sufferings of those who elected them into offices to serve. How does it sound to hear that the people who elected you are living in total squalor, while you flaunt their collective wealth”.
“Look at their so-called Urban Renewal program, it is filled with hate. We are not saying that the concept is not acceptable, but there is everything wrong with the style of implementation. This government should learn how to listen to the feelings and sufferings of it’s own people”.
The party however called on leaders and relevant stakeholders in the state to rise and speak up against the injustice and impunity being meted out on the people of the state, adding that as leaders, the people are always looking up to them for direction.
On the proposed N3000 and N6,000,000 development levy imposed on every taxable adult and autonomous communities in the state by the governor, Mr. Nwachukwu described it as a case of monumental greed taken too far and called on him to account for the monies he has received in the state for seven years.
“How can the governor tell people of the state to start contributing money for him, all in the name of development? Since it is obvious that he is broke, let him account for the monies he has received in the past seven years both the IGR, FAAC, LG allocation, 13% derivation, etc so that we may know whether the levy is justifiable or not”.
The ANRP chairman however, called on the people of the state to remain firm and steadfast, as according to him, “the party which was formed based on the ideals, yearnings and aspirations of the people has come to return Imo back to the dreams and visions of its founding fathers.

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