Onyeagucha sympathizes with Imolites affected by flood during last rainfall

Following the latest heavy down poor in Imo state, Hon Uche Onyeagucha, an APGA governorship aspirant in the state has observed with deep sense of sympathy and concern the undue sufferings the people are subjected to by the devastating flood caused by the so-called urban renewal program of the Okorocha led administration.

”Indeed, it is very shameful and worrisome that what this administration understands as urban renewal is destruction of drainage pipes and water channel ways which has been observed as the main cause of the devastating flood that recently caused havoc in the state last two days,” he moaned.

Hon Onyeagucha lamented   that  the heavy rainfall which occurred two days ago in the state, destroyed people’s properties, while some people nearly lost their lives as a result of the flood that overtook all the streets of Owerri metropolis and it’s environs.

Those living at Okigwe road, World Bank area, orji, Akwakuma, Chukwuma Nwoha, some parts of wetheral road and other areas, he opined saw hell during the heavy rainfall, adding that Imolites now live in fear and apprehension.

He further observed that no responsible government can in the name of road expansion,subject it’s citizens to such an undue suffering and hardship as is being perpetrated by the present administration.

The administration he further said has no policy framework and direction. Every responsible and responsive government must have an action plan which must be executed within the most appropriate timeframe, he stressed.  The APGA Guber hopeful, added that ugly experience of  Imolites during the rainfall has shown that the so-called urban renewal program of the present administration is clueless and not for the people’s interest.

Hon Onyeagucha sincerely  sympathised with the victims and at the same time reminded them of the popular Igbo adage which says,”Ihe foro otu agwula-agwu “.

The activst lawyer charged, we must all rise and join hands to restore the lost glory of our dear stateeven as he submitted that,Imo must indeed be  restored.

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