2019 Mbaitoli House of Assembly Seat: Who is worthy? By Reginald Akonobi

There are so many thing wrong with our local government area: Mbaitoli at the same time.  Unfortunately, there are very few of these problems that we can honestly and dispassionately discuss.   So even as the local government drifts on the ocean of economic rudderlessness, and infrastructural decay, everyone is watching with morose silence.

Mbaitoli is heading to God knows – where but we are too scared to tell our representatives the truth. Everybody is cheering and jeering. But I know one thing for sure: the hottest place in hell will be reserved for all. Those who saw the evil and neither said anything nor did nothing, especially those acclaimed politicians who support aspirants because of what they can offer in terms of financial gratifications.

But nothing underscores our death-wish insistence on living in denial if we make a mistake of putting a non-performer into power. We have to face reality. We cannot like the proverbial ostrich bury our heads in the sand in the false hope that all is well.

I suspect it borrows from what the Christians call “positive confession”, where it is believed that your faith and what you profess from your mouth have a way of determining your reality. So when a guy is broke and he wants you to throw something in his direction, he begins by telling you “I am rich”. And then, I asked, if you are rich, why do you still want to borrow from me?

Mbaitoli local government area is in dare need of a rescuer that would put things in the right perception. From Political calculation, Mbaitoli has been a rallying point for all politicians in the state. In 1999 guber election in the state, Chief Achike Udenwa won the election with votes from Mbaitoli, same with Chief Ikedi Ohakim and Owelle Rochas Okorocha. But it is heart-breaking and dishearthing that these politicians used voters from this local government to climb to a political height without adequately fulfilling their promises to Mbaitoli. Most of the problems of Mbaitoli Local Government Area can be traceable to selfish dispositions of our representatives. It is a well known fact that from 1999 to date, Mbaitoli has not had the privilege of good representation. None of its representatives at the House of Assembly or local government chairman can boost of selflessly addresseing the problem of the local government which varies from poor road net-work, poor youth empowerment, and. others. It is even more irresponsible that some representatives refuse to open constituency offices. This is probably to scare their constituents away or to prevent being chastised by their constituents.

Mbaitoli Local Government area which parades the largest numbers of voters in the state should have a strong representative at the Imo State House of Assembly. Mbaitoli should be strongly heard and respected at the House Assembly and therefore needs an articulate proactive and humble person for the legislative position.

In Mbaitoli Local Government area, many aspirants have dusted their political coats ahead of the 2019 House of Assembly election. More than Nine or more Mbaitoli sons have indicated interest for the position. But the questions are “Who is the best among these aspirants, what are their antecedents, what have they done for the local government before now, what is their relationship with the youths of the area and what their programmes for the people of the area. For those who seek second tenure, how well have they utilized the first tenure, what can they boost to have achieved with the people’s mandate. All these and more are questions that our would be representatives would answer.

The era of money politics is gone and Mbaitoli must rise up and ensure that the right person is elected into that position. People who have Mbaitoli at heart and ready to give the local government a selfless service must be given such position.

Therefore/ among these aspirants, there is only one person who have distinguished himself, who with his little resources has transformed the lives of many people in the local government. This person is Chief Anthony Brown Odunze; Ikemba of Mbaitoli. This great son of Ogwa has through his Foundation impacted positively in the lives of the less-privileged in the area. According to investigation, his philanthropic depositions started long before he dreamt of aspiring to any political position.

It is a thing of joy that Chief Tony Brown Odunze has long presented a blue print for transformation of Mbaitoli, such which is unusual in the dictionary of most Nigerian politicians. When the Association of Mbaitoli Journalists called on him for circumspection on his ambition, he readily accepted the invitation, and in the discussion opened up on what he has for the people of Mbaitoii.

Odunze who restated his urge for a secure Mbaitoli youth, said the youths must be given a pride of place. Odunze has helped more than 500 youths from Mbaitoli travel abroad for greener pasture. His heart of kindness is not borne out of his desire to represent Mbaitoli in the House of Assembly but a deposition he has to help his people. His plan for a better Mbaitoli indicates that this proactive and articulate youth has long dreamt of a greater Mbaitoli in the future. He has promised to open a civic centre where Mbaitoli will meet to discuss their affairs for the development of the area.

Unassuming and easy going, Tony Brown Odunze is recognized as the only rich youth that goes without a police escort. His love for multiplicity of wealth indicates his believe that wealth should be spread. In his words “What is success if you cannot genuinely assist the people. His promise to unite Mbaitoli is honorable and I wish to advocate that all Mbaitoli sons and daughters should support him.

Late Prof. Chinua Achebe in Things Fall Apart explained that “the taste of the pudding is in the eating” Chief Anthony Brown Odunze has demonstrated a sense of oneness and togetherness by ensuring that Mbaitoli unite for a common goal. His keen interest for the welfare of his people is another demonstration that his desire to represent Mbaitoli in the Imo State House of Assembly is not a selfish move, but to render selfless service to his people and transform the God-owned local government to the economic miracle of the 21st Century.

Chief Anthony Brown Odunze; a man of the people has in many fora explained that he is not a party man. Therefore his utmost concern is for the well-being of Mbaitoli in general. His antecedents and philanthropic dispositions have earned him so much accolades and awards. He has the chieftaincy title of Chimereneze, Ikemba of Mbaitoli and others.

Recently, Mbaitoli APC during a special get-together organized by him to re-unite members of the party ‘in the area commended him for such gesture and other programmes he has organized for the welfare of the area especially “Odunze Peace Summit.

This great son of Mbaitoli has done much for his people and what we need to do is to encourage and support him for a better Mbaitoli. We cannot afford to make another mistake. Mbaitoli deserves a better representative, and that person is Chief Tony Brown Odunze.

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