SERAP letter to UN on Fulani Herdsmen

Recently, a civil society organization, Socio Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP forwarded a letter to the United Nations, UN, calling on it to declare the Fulani herdsmen a terrorist organization. SERAP’s call came against the backdrop of bloody activities of this dangerous group which has sent thousands of defenceless Nigerians to their untimely death.
We have to recall that long before this bold initiative from SERAP, many well meaning Nigerians had also spoken in similar manner and way by telling President Muhammadu Buhari to declare the group a terrorist organization. Among eminent Nigerians who have in clear terms called for such designation for the group include professor Wole Soyinka who recently told the president to do the needful on Fulani herdsmen.
The major argument of those rooting for this treatment has always been and rightly too, that if Indigenous Peoples of Biafra IPOB, an armless group could be brutally suppressed and tagged a terrorist organization, why can’t the murderous herdsmen receive same treatment.
We seriously align ourselves to this argument because it smacks of nothing but the truth. The fulani herdsmen is today perceived within and outside the country as the most deadly group after Boko Haram. wiped out entire communities and villages, destroyed the socio economic life of their victims and made millions homeless and internally displaced persons in their own country. We are sure Nigerians have not forgotten the Agatu, Nimbo Uwani and the recent Benue and Kogi massacres  that were planned and executed by this evil group. As we write the killing spree is still on and nobody knows which community or state they would visit next to unleash mayhem.
The question that has been agitating many Nigerians in the wake of this madness has always been that of how they get arms. This concern arose because the deadly group is known to operate with sophisticated weapons and without let or hindrance. Given the credibility and belivability of this intelligence Nigerians have anxiously being urging for action to be taken by the president and his ruling APC to put a stop to the needless bloodbath going on in the country.
Unfortunately, the president seems not perturbed by the grisly activities of fulani herdsmen. He has always looked the other way and kept sealed lips, like  one on a see nothing, do nothing mission. It was only recently that he seemed to have woken up from his slumber and even at that nothing seems to have changed.  In fact, reports had it that while the president was in Benue the herdsmen were busy hacking people to death without remorse. And to worsen issues the president never gave much hope to the belegeaured citizens as he was said to have said  the Inspector General appointed by him never obeyed his instructions on Benue.
As it stands today most Nigerians seem to think that the president is favourably disposal to the herdsmen activities. Of course those nursing this feeling may not be entirely wrong because it is surprising, almost shocking that no tangible serious action has been taken against them, proscribed. Can one be accused of falsity if he argues that the president is treating the menace with deodorant instead of the insecticide or better still “otapiapia” it deserves?
We are happy that SERAP has again sounded another wake up call for PMB. Globally, the security of life and property of citizens remains the greatest component of the social contract between rulers and the ruled, therefore, when a government show signs of derailing on this critical role patriotism demands  it should be called to order. Actually, this is not the first time this is happening but given it’s internalization right now by SERAP we are believing something different may happen.
Against this backdrop therefore, we are calling on the president to quickly stand up and redeem his image and that of country by heeding wise counsel. He should immediately declare fulani herdsmen terrorists. This is the only option left for his government now because going by the large scale atrocities they have committed the UN may likely aquicesce to SERAP’s demands.
President Buhari should act fast now and treat the herdsmen menace with the seriousness it deserves.

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