Arararume’s Ugwumba villa, Isiebu, sign Of things to come in 2019

Sen Ifeanyi Araraume bears the chieftaincy title of Ugwumba Okigwe bestowed on him by the traditional rulers of Okigwe Zone and christened his home in his village, Isiebu in Isiala Mbano, Ugwumba villa.
A first time visitor to the village would be confused if they are still within Owerri municipality with the well connected tarred roads with drainage attracted by the Senator during his glorious sojourn in the Senate.
Coming into Ugwumba Villa proper, you are amazed again by the expansive compound, well lit, neat, aesthetically pleasing, organized and natural environment surrounded by trees and flower’s giving an ambience of serenity.
From the marked car parks, to the well mowed grass, lawn flowers, freshly painted structures, well lit compound, tarred roads that has lasted over 10 yrs without potholes.
A man indeed cannot give what he doesn’t have. Sen Ifeanyi Araraume is an organized man, a stickler for excellence, neatness and due process. A man who doesn’t take half measures or believe in cutting corners. You won’t find pure water sachets, papers littered around or dirt within his premises.
Imagine Ugwumba Villa, imagine what Imo will look like from May 29th, 2019.
A state with roads and physical infrastructures that will stand the test of time, with well paved streets, running taps, adherence to rule of law and due process, probity and accountability. A government that will mean what it says, and say what it means

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