APC primaries: Ripples over Okorocha’s plot to use cars, land to lure delegates

The alleged plan by the Imo State Government under the leadership of Rochas Okorocha to use various enticing items and gifts to possibly lure the APC officials to its side ahead the party primaries is generating concern in the state.
Okorocha is accused of trying to use subtle tactics win the favour of the party officials from the State to the LGAs with the donations of car, lands and other gift items.
Apparently aware that he lost out in the initial desire to uproot the serving state officials from office and have them replaced with new caretaker committees to be possibly appointed by him, the governor has employed another tactical finesse to win the favour of the state party officials who will be part of the delegates.
Part of the new approach is the donation of cars to party officials as well as allocation of lands. Other gifts will made available to the party as a way to keep them in the fold of the governor who has anointed candidates in each of the positions including that of his Son in law and Chief of Staff, Uche Nwosu who is his anointed candidate for governor.
It was gethered that already various brands of cars for the purpose have been assembled at the government house as mapping out of the lands for sharing has reached advanced stages.
As the beneficiaries wait for the governor’s largesse, critical and discerning minds have told the Ward Chairmen to accept the gifts and remain thankful to Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume who actually provoked this gift.
This newspaper was told this government does not have any regards for the party and have never since its inception given or cared for the Party. It was when Senator Araraume came into the Party and seeing the pitiable condition of our Party officers from ward to state levels took a bold step to alleviate their plight.
An APC chieftain from Owerri Zone who does not want his name mentioned said ” A situation whereby a ruling Party only remembers it executives who toiled to ensure success in the election are only when their services are needed to prosecute another election is utterly unfair, inhuman and condemnable.
Other chieftains of APC in Imo state who do not want to be mentioned for fear of victimization told Trumpeta” The Ward Chairman should remain grateful to Senator Araraume Araraume who has always been there for them. He gives them quality things. One hopes that these Vehicles when they are finally provided will be durable and stand our deplorable road in the various wards.
“One hopes that this promise will not be like the Motorcycle promise to the ward chairmen that never saw the light of day.
“As the Party primaries draw near, this government will make various overtures to the Ward Chairmen and would be delegates all with the intention of persuading them to vote for that government’s preferred aspirants. However the Ward Chairmen are resolved to vote their conscience even if they are given a trailer load of money. Whatever they get now is what they have worked for.
“It should be pointed out that as a ruling Party, the Ward Chairmen and their Executives should have been appointed into Boards and Commissions. Even they are entitled to Holy Pilgrimage at least once. All these have been denied them since the inception of this government.
The would be recipients were however told thus “Collect all what they offer you bearing in mind that it is part of our collective patrimony, but do not mortgage your conscience”

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