APC Restoration coalition cautions Imo Govt on imposition

In the light of recent events in Imo State, the apparent move by Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha, the Imo state governor to impose his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu on the party as his successor by 2019 against all odds and the need of enforcing internal democracy in APC, Imo State Chapter, an informed body of APC members across the 27 LGAs of the state, known as Imo APC Restoration Coalition, came into effect on 7th of this month (March).
Principally, to stop Okorocha from hijacking the party, operating by issuing certificates of wholesomeness and condemnation to members as he so desires and most of all to compel him to adhere
to internal democracy, while the coalition still pledges hundred percent loyalty to the President all constituted authorities and the party itself.
Recalled at Imerienwe, Ngor Okpala Imo State, the country home of the Chief convener, Dr. T.O.E Ekechi among 23 others, met a week plus ago and deliberated on the state of party, mindful of the forthcoming general elections.
The twenty-four man body met to own up to the fact that adherence to party constitutions and implementation of party programmes are so necessary, if APC must retain power in Imo State. To this effect, a standard flagbearer is needed to replace
Okorocha who should be exhausting his second tenure in office.
They were not in a frame of mind to stand by and watch internal democracy being routinely trampled upon, with the governor behaving like god and riding roughshod over the constitution, which should be their guiding documents and the manifestoes, which represent their pact with the people.
But instead of the Imo Government to address the points canvassed by the Restoration Coalition at Imerienwe, she went about casting aspersions on the said coalition, renting crowds to denounce the group and rusticating Chief Ichie Best Mbanaso, the then SA of Marketing and Development for identifying with the said coalition, most of whom have paid their dues in APC by any stretch of imagination.
It was the above operative that angered the body, who then decided to feature on SUNRISE DAILY, Channels TV by Sam last Thursday, where Dr. T.O.E Ekechi, the Chief convener of Imo APC Restoration Coalition on behalf of the body, met with Bar. Steve Asinobi, a Representative of the Imo Government incidentally the Liason Officer Lagos for an interactive session. Dr. T.O.E Ekechi had earlier on appeared on HOT FM 99.5 and Bar. Steve Asinobi, on NTA on the issue under discussion.
Dr. T.O.E Ekechi in the course of interactive session in a humane proposal, charged the Imo government to quicken its internal democracy and strengthen its capacity to conduct free and fair election. Ekechi lamented the governor’s conduct which is characterized by deficit democratic culture that weakens the foundation of the party
He advised the governor to rise above pettiness of swearing to impose his son-in-law at all costs who lacks the capacity to fly the flag of the party, otherwise APC shall suffer dismissal come 2019 governorship election in Imo state. He said lack of internal democracy and adherence to party constitution and the willful importation of a son-in-law shall never stand.
He called on men and women of goodwill in the party in Imo to insist on party operatives which enunciated the principles of the party as encapsulated in the documents. Taking on Bar. Steve Asinobi who claimed there is nothing like zoning in Imo, he reminded him that it was the implied but not expressed agreement that Okorocha leveraged upon and became the governor. On the contention by Bar. Steve Asinobi, the Liason Officer, Lagos for Imo state that Uche Nwosu has the right to contest for governorship, Dr.T.O.E Ekechi acquiesced to that but said not through imposition, more also, he lacks the needed capacity for governorship.
On those that attended Imerienwe Declaration being of no consequence as said by Asinobi, Dr. T.O.E Ekechi reminded him that most of them have served Imo government in different capacities, including him, Ekechi. That to come now and call them worthless men means an indictment on Rochas who got them on board based on their capacities and antecedents.
Ekechi promise to uphold and propagate the need of internal democracy until Okorocha reverses himself and drop the imposition of his son-in-law, who though can aspire for governorship but lacks the wherewithal for APC to pull through in Imo, come 2019.

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