Onyewuchi, best for Owerri Zone Senate

It is very rare to see the electorate react positively when politicians declare intention to run for elective offices. Most often,  people don’t show interest and when they do it is often in the negative.  You will hear them say things like “Wetin concern us,  if they are running na for them pocket, ” hmmm, let them declare now are they not contesting to make money? ” Don’t mind them, when we vote them into power, they would change their phone numbers and forget us” These are just few examples of some of uncomplimentary remarks you hear most times from the people especially this season of politics.The reason why this hostility exist is simply because most politicians have failed the electorate. The masses would abandon their businesses to be part of their campaign. Stand under the sun and rain to vote them into power but get abandoned after these sacrifices. Once these selfish, elected leaders get into office they quickly severe ties with the people and focus on themselves,families and cronies. This is largely why almost twenty years into the fourth republic majority of the people still weep for basic social amenities.
This ill treatment by politicians is responsible for the no love lost  between them and the electorate.  It is why  the electorate don’t give a damn about them and react negatively to issues concerning politicians and politics.
But, amid this seeming ugly scenario we still have some exceptions. There are still some politicians people still trust, have confidence in and always stand with because they never abuse the mandate given them. These are the few that provide good governance and deliver dividends of democracy. And for putting voters on first line charge this type of elected leaders still enjoy the people’s goodwill, accolades and praises. When they make pronouncements such as declaring to run for elective offices such elicit very positive reactions from the electorate.
Recently, this scenario unfolded in Owerri,the Imo State capital when Hon Ezenwa Onyewuchi declared to run for Owerri Zone Senate in 2019. The member representing Owerri Federal Constituency in the House of Reps had told his people at a meeting that wanted to crossover to the Senate to continue the good work he has been doing and no sooner had he bared his mind, than a torrent of endorsements rented the air.  Those who graced the meeting where the declaration was made unanimously gave their nod on the spot. Soon after the meeting the news also spread like wildfire and as it spread so the support and endorsement like a deluge. This kind of reception this news has been enjoying is indeed,  uncommon. Of course, Hon Onyewuchi never conjured up any magic or, cast spells on the people to command this rare liking and fellowership. He is enjoys  this rare gesture for reasons that are well known. The lawmaker maintains a harmonious and fruitful relationship  with his constituents, has stood for and with them these seven years, and to crown it all he has been posting superlative performance year in year out. He is highly rated in the three distinct but closely woven duties of a lawmaker namely lawmaking, oversight and constituency development and his constituents have remained the immediate beneficiaries of this eye catching performance. So, it is not surprising therefore, that having tried, tested and confirmed him ok the electorate have choosen to be in the forefront of supporting this new quest.   It is on record that his senatorial declaration not only went viral but as well broke the internet as the electorate willingly bought into the project.
Essentially,  the high rate of subscription of his ambition is eloquent testimony that Hon Onyewuchi is best for Owerri
Senate. In the first place he has that invaluable experience that legislative business requires and there is high probability that this would become so essential beginning from 2019 as indications continue to point to a highly competitive National Assembly next year. With eight solid years experience, heavily bouyed by brilliant contributions to legislative workings,  discerning persons have also been pointing to the greater chance of his notching up chairmanship of an influential committe if sent to Abuja.
Beyond these highly possible derivatives, he stands so high  also in the realm of having capacity to deliver dividends of democracy.  Anyone tempted to doubt this only need to run down his trackrecord in House of Reps to know this not mere politicking. Ask any Owerri Federal constituent and he/ she will quickly tell you this man has redefined representation. Again, this is no idle talk because for this man to have broken the jinx of one termism in owerri federal constituency meant he did extra ordinarily well in his first stint. But no need boring you with his first term score sheet.
But, suffice it to say he has upped the ante more this second term.  For instance in three years the lawmaker is now synonymous with empowerment having empowered over four thousand with skills and stater packs in skills acquired. His November 2016 massive empowerment of more than one thousand people still reverberates till today.  Between then and now, he has held three more interventions, one in April 2017, and two in the last three months with more than three thousand people empowered. He has equally blazed the trail in securing employment for constituents at federal level. Conservatively, Hon Onyewuchi has empowered over 100 with federal jobs.
He has paid so much attention to electrification.  There is hardly any community in owerri federal constituency that has not received one brand new transformer or sub station from him. Just last week he took this drive beyond Owerri and went to Mbaise nation with the donation of transformer to communities there. Are we to assess his health interventions which has ran for seven years with more than eight thousand benefiting?
At the green chamber this man has more than proven his mettle.  Apart chairing a critical committee, labour and employment, he’s among those whose views and contributions are taken seriously by the house.   Against this backdrop, he is one of those that help to shape the opinion and direction of the House.
Indeed, one can go on and on reeling out this lawmaker’s unique selling points and never exhaust them at  a sitting. He has the edge. And dwarfs those who have indicated to run for the seat thus meriting the toga of the best bestowed on him. Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, who spent twelve years in the green chamber and who can say without fear of contraction that he knows the National Assembly inside out sometime ago noted Hon Onyewuchi’s uniqueness when he confessed during his massive empowerment program at All Saints Anglican Church ground at Egbu that Hon Onyewuchi has broken and surpassed every known record of empowerment in the state. Should one say more?

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