Ihedioha and rule of law; The Imo perspective

Rule of law refers to the action of government as dictated by the laws of the land. This means that government is bound to act within the confines of the law and not to act arbitrarily or misuse power.
According to Professor A V Dicey (1885) the chief proponent of the Principle of rule of law,the rule of law also applies to the governed or citizens of the state. It stipulates their rights and duties within the constitution. The rule of law ensures that both the people in government and the citizens of the state act within the limits of the law.
Emeka Ihedioha as a Disciple of Rule of Law;   Ihedioha was adviser to the late Senate President Dr Chuba Okadigbo. He was member representing Aboh Mbaise /Ngor Okpala ederal Constitueny in the House of Representatives from 2003-2015. Within the period under review he was Chairman Committee on Marine Transport,Chief Whip,Deputy Speaker and Speaker respectively. Emeka Ihedioha has seen it when it comes to rule of law. His footprint and indelible record speaks volume for him at National Assembly
The Imo Perspective in Rule of Law: According to John Lock in his social contract theory; civil society is an association for the mutual preservation of the lives, liberties and properties of the people. This assertion is the ancestor of the claim in the American Declaration of independence that: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal: that they are endowed by their creator with certain ineligible rights: that among these are life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.
Now, the question is has Imo State fared well under the rule of law. The answer is capital NO.
Why?: The present Imo State cannot boast of the promotion and preservation of the lives, liberties and properties of Imolites. The state is bedevilled with non payments of workers’ salaries, pensioners are left to die without having their pensions paid, demolition of properties without environmental impact assessment and compensation. Civilization is the act of living together peaceably with all those things that makes life easy, noble and comfortable Imo state currently cannot boast of quality roads, Medicare, education and etc.
I was reliable told that the dualization of Orlu – Amakohia road by Ohakim administration was the end of dualization meant for that road as was captured by Imo Masterplan. The disobedience to court judgments among others is the highest threat to rule of law not only to Imo State but to democracy. The protection of lives and properties should not be misinterpreted to mean security agencies pursuing criminals. It is the ability of those in power to better or foster happiness on the citizens. A healthy/happy society guarantees a secured environment.
2019: Why It Must Be Emeka Ihedioha; Imo State of today is epileptic to rule of law. No state or nation triumph under state of anarchy or forced loyalty /obedience on its citizens For Imo to bounce back to reckoning an astute compliant to rule of law is needed to re brand the  educated and sophisticated people back to the Principles of rule of law. Without sounding immodest I think Emeka Ihedioha has the solution or magic wand among the legions of Imo guber aspirants to recover and rescue Imo State and once more relaunch the state back to greatness. I am convinced that an Ihedioha governor will wipe out the tears of Imo people. He will provide a convivial environment for political and economic excellence.
My Appeal to Imolites: Please let us engage ourselves in prayers for God to salvage our state. This is no longer time for propaganda /blackmail.
Imo State must not go comatose. No more time for trial and error. We tried chewing of akara, corn, singing of gospel music and reading of the holy bible as a camouflage which we were deceived as humility and unknowingly became a vehicle that catapulted people to Douglas House. Today, where are we? Now that this fake humility has failed us, it is important to try somebody like Emeka Ihedioha whom they blackmailed as being arrogant just to deceive Imolites. If Ihedioha is arrogant he wouldn’t have served Tambuwal as deputy speaker who was his deputy chief Whip during his second tenure. These are open records that are verifiable at the National Assembly. To those who label Ihedioha as arrogant I want to ask u simple questions. (1)Has Emeka Ihedioha been tested? If the answer is yes; Did he perform creditedably. (3)Has he ever been indicted anywhere for whatsoever reason (s). If the answer is no, why do you then want to deny Imo people the services of one of her most experienced sons?
Emeka Ihedioha is a decent, sincere and straightforward man that has prepared to render quality service to Imo State, his fatherland.
Imagine a man hoping to be governor and pushing for the local government autonomy that has been a financial abbatoir or conduit pipe to governors both present and past. Tell me, which other tests for one to know that Emeka Ihedioha is a man of honour. Have we forgotten the criticisms Ihedioha gave to Imo House of Assembly for failing to pass local government autonomy bill.
A friend of mine and a heavy critic of Emeka Ihedioha, one day asked me the secret of success of Ihedioha that makes him a household name in Nigeria. I told him nothing more than his straightforwardness and sincerity. He then confided in me, he said, “YES we know but his rise to pollitical stardom is too miraculous and then he promised to disengage henceforth from pull his “Emeka Ihedioha down syndrome”.
I sat with an Mbaise brother recently, he expressed his fears over Emeka Ihedioha governorship. I listened to know his reason(s) but was shocked when he said Emeka will carry the entire Imo State along, instead of promoting Mbaise interest. And that he does not like Ihedioha ‘s penchant for merits against his people’s interests. I laughed at him and reminded him that tribalism is the bane of Nigeria and Imo State.
When you listen to reasons for the attacks on Ihedioha you will marvel because all the allegations are full of frivolities and gabbage. The time to return Imo back to glory is now.All hands must on decks to achieve this great tasks. By the grace of God the rule of law must be restored to Imo State come 2019.
MacDonald Amadi writes from Owerri, Imo State.

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