Emeakaroha: A phenomenal personality

By Joseph Nwachukwu:

The spiritual life of Chief Barrister Kelechi Emeakaraoha is almost a mirror image of the inspirational and legendary St. Joan of Arc.
Like St. Joan who embraced Christ at an early stage in her life. Chief Barrister Kelechi Emeakaraoha, a strong aspirant to Ihitte Uboma State Constituency, made Christ the cornerstone of his life by helping people from all walks of life.
Like St. Joan, who despite persecutors, hardship and all manner of difficulties, strived for the betterment of the Christians within her country and beyond, Chief Barrister Kelechi Emeakaraoha has been spending from his hard earned money to make life worth living for the down trodden in society and upliftment church.
Again like St. Joan of Arc who brave the odds in pursuit of winning souls, for Christ, Barrister Kelechi Emeakaraoha has been weathering the storms.
Interestingly, enough, men, woman and youth of Ihitte Uboma LGA are earnestly urging and pleading with him to declare his interest to give them effective representation even at the state House of Assembly.
Barr. Emeakaraoha has remained undaunted and continues to make a mark in works of charity and caring for the less privileged, a trailblazing entrepreneur whose an edifying role in the corporate world and private sector in Nigeria would continue to inspire generations to come. Barr, Kelechi Emeakaraoha has contributed enough to earn him recognition.
As one of the sons of Prince E.O.N, Emeakaraoha Foundation an Austrian based NGO, known as Madonna Hospital Ihitte and also KIACC Global Construction Limited, the foundation, no doubt remains of one of the largest conglomerates in Nigeria. Barrister Kelechi Emeakaraoha is a major player in the country’s economy, especially health sector. Today Emeakaraoha’s name has become inextricably connected with free medical treatment.
Now that every patriotic indigene of Ihitte Uboma State Constituency is calling him to represent them, he should not have any other excuse but to answer the clarion call. Barr Kelechi Emeakaraoha has done a lot for the people of Ihitte Uboma in diverse spheres. A philanthropist par excellence, an ardent Christian and of Course a Community builder.
Barr. Kelechi Emeakakraoha is a man with an unparalleled zeal to make a difference and one who has his fanger on the right pulse to bring about the needed change in Ihitte Uboma Local Government Area.
His Philanthropic superfluity and supranational entrepreneurship are boundless and borderless even unprecedented.
Chief Hon. Barrister Kelechi Emeakaraoha, people of Ihitte Uboma State Constituency are anxiously awaiting your effective and efficient representation, predicated on your humanitarianism, administrative dexterity, cerebral fecundity, an independent mind, doggedness and human disposition.
Barr Kelechi Emeakaraoha remains a lover of hardwork, a team player. He cares a lot for his people and loves life, whose existential humanism is inspirational.
In the process has become a pacesetter pathfinder, and catalyst for progress.
Dr. Joseph Aniemeka Nwachukwu
Public Affairs Analyst

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