LG Autonomy: Imo Assembly is symbol of legislative disgrace – Orlu Youths

The Youths of Orlu Zone has berated the recent resolves of the Imo State House of Assembly, on Local Government Autonomy. The youths under the auspicious of Orluzurumee Youth Assembly, in a press release signed by her leader, Comrade Darlington Uzoahia said the Imo State House of Assembly has indeed demonstrated once again that they do not represent the interest of Imo people, therefore should be regarded as bunch of disgrace to democratic principle. The frontline youth leader queried how a law maker could support such a motion or bill, which clearly demonstrates anti peoples interest, he noted that Local Government Autonomy shouldn’t even be an issue of debate, rather a compulsory principle enshrined in democratic process to reach the grassroots at all times.

Continuing further in his words, Iam so worried over the sudden dearth of democracy dividends at the local government councils. Obviously, the issue of the Local Government autonomy should not be a negotiable matter. This is a thing that is established by law. It is just like somebody using his position to take over something that rightly belongs to the other person. So the issue of autonomy is not negotiable. And I think that what the State is doing is an infringement, to usurp over 50 per cent of the local government functions and these have made the councils to under-perform in their responsibilities as local governments. So I think the Imo State House of Assembly should without delay redress such resolve, to allow autonomy at the local government level without delay, so as to enable local governments function. As a matter of fact, the law recognises three tiers of government – Federal, State, and Local Government. The same authority that established States also established the local governments. Therefore, usurping the functions of the local government at the State level is an abuse of power. And I think the state government should be wise enough to know that they have been holding the thing that rightly belongs to their children and it is high time they released it to ensure that development gets to the grass roots.

It will be recalled that recently, the Imo State House of Assembly resolved that there is nothing like Local Government Autonomy, therefore the executive should continue to appoint transition committees to run the Local government system. “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, as such, if any process that is not grassroots inclusive is a total rape to democracy, Uzoahia concluded”


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