Imo Commercial Drivers Threaten Protest Over Alleged Imposition Of New Waste Buckets  By ISWAMAC


…May head to court

“We can’t throw away our old waste buckets because of revenue”

There are emerging indications that commercial drivers in Imo State may storm the streets any time soon

in protests, following alleged moves by the Imo State Waste Management Company, ISWAMAC, to compel the drivers to purchase new green waste buckets for their vehicles despite that many of them already have the same green waste buckets in their vehicles.A source hinted Nigeria Newspoint that ISWAMAC was allegedly attempting to compel all commercial drivers in the state to purchase the new green waste buckets from the company alone, rather than giving them the option of also buying from the open market.

The drivers maintained that they were not against the sale of the waste buckets by ISWAMAC, but that drivers who already bought the buckets should not be compelled to buy news ones when the previous ones they bought were still good and usable. The source further hinted that ISWAMAC has allegedly begun impounding vehicles whose drivers failed to comply by purchasing the new green waste buckets whether they already have the buckets or not.

It was also learnt that  ISWAMAC allegedly collects around N15,000

from commercial drivers who fail to buy the new green waste buckets from it.

Meanwhile the  commercial drivers it was gathered, are said to be threatening to embark on massive protest, even as they hinted that they were in talks with their lawyers over possible court action against ISWAMAC.

Some observers of the development, opined that ISWAMAC as a limited company does not have the powers to impound  vehicles, nor should it compel every commercial driver to buy the new green waste buckets from the company alone


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