Imo Charter Of Equity, Orlu Monarchs And Enye-ndi-ebe, Enye-ndi-ebe


According to the immortal prose writing lord and acclaimed godfather of African literature, Prof Chinua Achebe, “an old man never stays at home and watch helplessly while the mother she-goat delivers in tethers.” Again, it is a generally held aphorism in Igbo cultural worldview that “what an elder sees while sitting down, a child who climbs even an Iroko tree might not see it.” The above aphorisms are indeed, words of wisdom.

Aware of their sacred obligations to both the physical and metaphysical entities in Imo State, traditional rulers of Orlu geopolitical zone extraction, few days ago, boldly lent their voice to the staccato of unbridled claims and counter claims regarding Governor Hope Uzodinma’s avowed promise to ensure that Owerri geopolitical zone succeeds him in Office by 2028. Incontestably, the level of disjointed and jaundiced arguments flying about even from those who are oblivious of the nitty gritty of the issue of rotational governance in the State, was almost becoming cacophonous. Thus, the  intervention of Orlu Monarchs was both timely and a sort of elixir much needed to calm fraying nerves down as well as address the naughty issue squarely.

The Traditional Rulers were emphatic in their assertion that the issue of Imo C


harter of Equity  initiated by the Imo State Council of Elders, endorsed by the incumbent, Governor Hope Uzodinma and then presented to, and blessed by the entire clergy in Imo State in an interdenominational church service held at Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu Square , must not be compromised or  toyed with because of anybody’s selfish interest, be he a politician or otherwise . The Monarchs cautioned against trivializing the extant provisions of the “Charter” which provides that the governorship seat should revert to Owerri zone after the incumbent’s tenure and from there to Okigwe zone, and afterwards, back to Orlu zone, in that rotational order.

The intendment of the Charter is to reduce bickering, thuggery, tension as well as do away with reckless expenditures during electioneering campaigns. Above all, the Charter will breed and rekindle peace, unity, and genuine sense of brotherhood among the the three geopolitical zones in Imo State.

It therefore, needs not be overemphasized that the altruistic stance of Orlu Monarchs borne out of patriotism, is a reflection of the position of the entire good people of Orlu zone on the Imo Charter of Equity. A wise and rational mind can sublimely deduce the fact that, Orlu Traditional Rulers did not just wake up and took the patriotic and statesmanly stance to abide religiously to the eloquent provisions of the Imo Charter of Equity. Rather, their stance unambiguously echoed the collective wish and mindset of the good people of Orlu geopolitical zone. Mind you, Orlu zone is the most united among the the three geopolitical zones in Imo State. The truth must be told.

We must also not lose sight of the fact that the Governor himself, is from Orlu zone as well as the leader of the State irrespective of political party persuasions of anybody. And, the Governor has unequivocally proven over time, that he is a leader with the midas touch, who sticks tenaciously to his words and promises,and who is never given to prevarications, proclivities or playing to the gallery. In other words, his words are always truly his bond. I hope I am communicating lucidly?

I dare say that “it is only a foolish man who does not realize when his kinsmen, using proverbs,have settled a dispute between him and his fellow kinsman.” Orlu Monarchs’ stance can be likened to the Biblical statement, “hands of Esau, and voice of Jacob” in the story between Jacob and his brother, Esau. Wisdom apparently, should be  the watchword for those kicking against the Imo Charter of Equity.

And, for those struggling to make political capital out of a settled issue by at least, 85% of the good people of Imo State, albeit in futility, let it be known to them that the majority of Imo people are in concomitance with the faultless argument of Orlu zone Monarchs, which in itself, is a vindication of the apex sociopolitical organization in Owerri zone, the Owerri Zone Political Leaders Forum (OZOPOLF). OZOPOLF has eruditely and succinctly adduced reasons why Owerri zone should be allowed to produce the next Governor of Imo State by 2028.

As a responsible body, OZOPOLF has made it clear that the quest for the occupation of Douglas House, Owerri, in 2028 must not be a do or die affair, but rather, a matter of good conscience borne of the uncompromising need to enthrone a culture of equity, fairness and justice in the governance of Imo State for posterity sake, which at this auspicious time, unquestionably and unequivocally supports Owerri zone to succeed the incumbent Governor in 2028.

We appeal to those who out of pedestrian and selfish proclivities, are struggling tenaciously to fan the embers of disunity among the three geopolitical zones in the State through inflammatory and divisive comments, and conducts, to let equity and good conscience breathe in Imo. They must know that “no man however great, is ever greater than his people, neither can he win judgment against them.”

Owerri zone needs to breathe in 2028 in the spirit of “Enye ndi-ebe, Enye ndi-ebe.” That is what “Imo Charter of Equity” is all about.



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