Ideato  Reps Member, Ikenga, 34 Others, Want All Election Petitions Cases Determined Before Swearing- in

… “Bill  will  transform, Unite  Nigeria”.

Thirty five members of the  House of Representatives led by the member representing Ideato Federal Constituency , Hon. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere have introduced Bills seeking to amend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as Amended) to limit the period which any individual can serve as President of  Nigeria and State Governor  from two terms of  four years each, to a single    year tenure of six years.

The Reps members also seek for rotational Presidency and Governorship,

conduct of  all elections in one day, conclusion of all pre-election matters before election, resolutions of all post election matters before swearing in, mandatory results transmission, among others.


The Bill sponsored by 35 reform-minded  Reps members also seek an amendment for rotation of Presidency across the six geo-political zones in the country.

Giving more insight into the content of the bill, the chief sponsor, Hon. Ikenga Ugochinyere addressed journalists with other Lawmakers (Hon.Aliyu Mustapha, Danga Abdulmaleek, Prof Paul Nnamchi,Mathew Nwaogu, Abiante Awaji Inombek, Midala Usman , Sagir Koki  at a Press conference, said that the sole intent of this bill is to enact legislation that will make provisions for single term of six years, the rotation of political power amongst the geo-political zones, for Presidency, and Senatorial zones for the governorship in the general elections plus conducting all elections in one day to save cost and ensure higher voters turnout and election credibility

He lamented that Nigeria is among several countries in Africa confronted by threats of political instability and social conflicts, hence the situation led to political actors in the country canvassing for the adoption of rotational and single tenure presidency as a potent political arrangement that can guarantee stability.

Ugochinyere called for support for the bill, saying that Nigeria should emulate Mexico as they practice a presidential system of government like Nigeria, but with a single-term presidency of six years.

In a very daring and laudable move, several lawmakers led by Hon. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, proposed critical bills that call for restructuring of Nigeria’s governance and electoral systems.

The first of the bills is a constitutional alteration bill to provide for the rotation of executive powers (Presidency) among the six geopolitical zones to ensure equal representation. For the lawmakers, this will ensure equal representation, national stability, and inclusion of all regions in the country.

The bill will also help reduce government spending and wastage on elections and achieve efficiency in governance since elected leaders will not be derailed or distracted by any re-election agenda.

A very important aspect of this bill is that it will also ensure that the Constitution recognizes the division of Nigeria into six geopolitical zones, and for the position of the Presidency, the rotation of power between the North and the South shall be clearly done amongst the six-geopolitical zones to ensure that no zone is left out in six successions.

Another critical bill by the group of lawmakers is the bill to amend the relevant sections of the Electoral Act to ensure that all elections (presidential, governorship, National Assembly, state houses of Assembly, and local governments) are held on the same day. Stating that elections remain the only democratic means of bringing back sanity in Nigeria’s polity, the bill will address violence, and corruption in our electoral processes.

Another bill on their electoral reforms objectives proposed a mandatory electronic transmission of results and accreditation of voters, outlawing the use of manual means completely.


This set of bills by the lawmakers have passed through the first reading at the 10th House of Representatives; this shows commitment on their part to see the reforms achieved.

They have now called on stakeholders, advocacy groups, and the general public to partner with them by lending their voices to ensure that the bills do not only become laws but are implemented effectively to achieve its stated objectives on Nigeria’s governance restructuring.


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