Littlewood Graduates 31 Caregivers In Owerri

Setting a standard of its first kind in Imo State and Southeast in general, Littlewood Recruitment Services Caregivers Training/Internship Institute, Saturday, April 13, graduated thirty one ( 31) certified Caregivers, for the first quarter of 2024.
The Caregivers are potentially billed to get employed overseas, where their services are worthily needed.
According to the Director of the Institute, Bishop Athan Azubuike,who doubles as the General Overseer of House of God International Churches, fielding questions from journalists at Owerri ,Imo State, venue of the event, revealed that 10 out of the graduated 31, have gotten job offers in the United States of America,USA and will be leaving in September, 2024.

The Bishop opined, ” life is what you make out of it and I believe in giving people opportunity to help themselves and help their families. Before now, from 2010 to 2014, I sent over 300 Nigerian Citizens to Quarta. They were the people that worked in those stadia and all the infrastructures.
He revealed, ” I have a travelling agency, Littlewood Global Travels and Tours Limited but I am not interested in giving people Visa to go and suffer. The Visa I give is employment Visa, where,when you arrive at the Airport, the companies that have been contracted to work with you will give you accommodation and you start work.
As regards the job offer letter, whatever that is agreed is what they pay you so that you will be of help to your family.
” From my own research, I discovered that caregiving is very Paramount in life and is needed by many. They are professionals that are sought after. I have had contacts with a lot of organizations. At least, I have been able to help over 40 to 50 people to get what is called health care certificates but I discovered that what is lacking is caregiving.
“That’s why I decided to have this Caregivers Training/Internship Institute, which is under my registered company of Littlewood Recruitment Services.

In the Memorandum of the Registration, I am authorized to train/retrain skilled workers for the benefit of companies that need professionals. That was why I decided to go on with this Caregiving, havean knows why it is needed and today, I am happy that we,ve been able to go some miles and successfully, I’ve been able to make them professionals. As I am talking to you now, of all these 31persons who graduated today, 10 have been given job offer to work in America and by September ,they will be leaving.”
Reacting to a question, Bishop Azubuike highlighted, “Caregiving is a professional career where you take care of the inabilities in people, like somebody who is sick or disabled or somebody who needs you to take care of him. You know, overseas, children don’t live with their aged parents. Majority of them don’t live with their aged parents. So, they take them to Old People’s Homes and these Old People’s Homes require more of Caregivers.
“A Caregiver can work as a house maid. A Caregiver can work as a Nanny. A Caregiver can work as a heath assistant. So, this Caregiver profession encompasses, so many things. There are those who are healthy, who are not sick; overseas, but may be divorced and needs somebody to be a companion. That’s where a Caregiver comes in.”
Bishop Azubuike maintained that the graduated Caregivers went through 40 courses, such as first aid, emergency, fire outbreak, CPR, AET, etc, which he said are scientific skills. “When somebody faints, how do you resuscitate the person? How do you handle a man with dementia? You know most of the elderly ones abroad lose their memories and if you are not a professional Caregiver, you can’t take care of him or her. So, many people who are depressed go into suicide because there is no Caregiver around,” he stated.
The Director also pointed out , “Today, they have personality diseases. In these personality diseases we have what is called schizophrenia. It’s a psychic problem. A Schizophrenic can stand up and say ‘I am tired of this world,’ picks up a gun, enters a supermarket, shoots everybody because nobody was there to guide. We have people who are paranoid. Those who go into suicide, they can drink sniper, then die but a Caregiver being around would help the person with emotional support. Somebody who is depressed, who believes that their is no hope, a Caregiver will make the person understand that there is hope.”
Bishop Azubuike also said that those whose two year licenses expired before they can travel, usually come to renew same, even as he said that they must undergo crash programme before getting the renewal.
He further explained, “You know, when you leave study, study will leave you. But to be honest, none of them can be here for two years without traveling as long as I am concerned because they are vastly sought for,” he assured.
The occasion attracted many dignitaries, including parents and relations of the graduands.
Two students;C.G Ekejiuba, Olivia Nkem received award as the best graduating students.

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