Oma Nma Life Saving: Foundation Flays Abandonment Of Baby In CanaL In Abia …Wants Otti leave Dev legacy, Establish DNA Centre

The Chairman of Oma Nma Life Saving and Health Foundation, High Chief Boniface Ifeanyi Ariekpere Ajuzie has called on Abia state government led by Dr Alex Chioma Otti to lay an everlasting developmental. foundation for Abians and Abia State by forensically documenting every human being living and working in the state both in private and public sectors.
The CEO of the foremost Healthcare Foundation in Abia State made this clarion call to the Chief Executive Officer of God’s own state when his attention was drawn to the sad discovery of a one day old child thrown into a canal on Aba Road, Umuahia by unknown person suspected to be the mother of the dead child.
High Chief Ajuzie said whosoever that did such an evil, is heartless and wicked. He called on the Commissioner of Police, Abia state who he described as the best in his generation, dedicated, intelligent and professional to help fish out the perpetrator.
The Philanthropist said if the mother of the dead child knew she could not take care of the innocent child she should have brought the child to Oma Nma Life Saving and Health Foundation at No. 49 Macaulay Street Umuahia Abia State.
to to take Care of it.
He said the child would also have been alternatively taken to the Police, any Motherless babies home, Federal Medical Centre or to any other safer place other than throwing an innocent living child into a canal.
High Chief Ariekpere Ajuzie therefore charged the Abia State House of Assembly,ABHA to urgently Pass a Bill he called Oma Nma 2024 to establish a Forensic DNA Centre across the state. d
Doing so,he insisted will help document everyone living in Abia state.
He added that creating a DNA Database will take care of such crimes, improve security in the state, catapult the IGR of the state in making sure that every adult citizen living in Abia pays his or her taxes to the government through the Abia State Resident and Work Permit.
The Foundation CEO also said if there was a DNA database in the state, over ninety percent of crimes and criminals, kidnappers, armed robbers, ritualists, murderers in the state would have been arrested including the person who dumped the innocent one day baby in the canal.
High Chief Ariekpere Ajuzie who commended Dr Otti for his thoroughness in detecting ghost workers in the Abia Civil Service, appointment of tested technocrats, rebuilding of all sectors of the state’s economy.
The DNA Technology,he opined is in readily available in the market, suggesting it has to be for acquied, as he believes Abia state would soon go for it.

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