Akarachi Amadi’s First Constituency Briefing To People Of Mbaike

…Let me talk with my people of Mbaike; the journey so far

By Irobi Darlington 

The Federal House of Representatives member representing Mbaitoli and Ikeduru Federal Constituency, Hon Engr Akarachi Etinosa Amadi on Wednesday  January 24, 2024, held a Legislative Agenda/Constituency Briefing with the people of MBAIKE, to share his  plans with the people.

According to Hon Engr Akarachi Amadi, the briefing would serve as a guide to propel the direction of his representation, Service, and Fellowship to the people of MBAIKE for the next four years he would be representing the people in the Green Chambers.

Amadi while first giving thanks to God Almighty for His guidance throughout the journey that saw him to the National Assembly, also thanked the Executive Governor of Imo State Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma as well as the Leaders and everyone who worked, with his Campaign as well as various Support groups, who contributed to the last minute alignments and realignments that led to the historic victory at the polls which today produced the youngest Federal Representative in Nigeria from MBAIKE.

Amadi pointed out that the elections were over as well as the legal fireworks, with the court yet again reaffirming his victory.

Amadi used the opportunity to reach out to all leaders across the Federal Constituency regardless of their political platforms, as well as those he faced at the polls who he referred to as his “fellow winners”, and all Mbaitoli and Ikeduru son or daughter, no matter their party allegiances, or loyalty to realize that the elections were now over and it’s time to serve the people.

Amadi extended his hands of fellowship to all who love MBAIKE to join him and so that together, they can work for the people.

The main body of Hon Engr Akarachi Amadi’s briefing to the people of MBAIKE reads as follows:


Our Main purpose is effective representation of all, to do that we must to build on the already created structures and contacts, bring in fresh ideas to complement what they have achieved, and surpass the same, for government is a continuum.

For me being a Law marker is about Representation in national discussions, bills, motion passages, or attraction of Projects, but more so it’s more about Impact, Capacity, and Fellowship to one another. Below is my Legislative Agenda for all of us and what will guide our interactions, discussions and engagements decisions, and interactions in local, national, and international.



Our Primary duty as per your votes was for us to be represented and have a voice in the nation’s capital as it concerns our yearning and our urgent needs, to make sure our motions or bills, no matter what the case may be or motion we support or sponsor, the interest of Ikeduru/Mbaitoli and Nigeria must be paramount and will be considered first in all we will do in the next four years.

In the few months that I have represented you in the Green Chambers, I have presented bills which are at different levels of readings as follows.

Nigerian Institute or Center for Vocational Training and Certification (Establishment) Bill, 2023 (HB.543) (Hon. Akarachi E.T. Amadi)- First Reading.

Federal College of Entrepreneurship and Skill Acquisition, Mbaitoli, Imo State (Establishment) Bill, 2023, (HB.542)(Hon Akarachi E.T. Amadi) – First Reading.

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency Act (Amendment) Bill, 2023, (HB.729)(HON. Akarachi E. T. Amadi) – First Reading.

National Football Academy, Mbaitoli, Imo State (Establishment) Bill, 2023 (HB.730) (Hon. Akarachi E.T. Amadi) – First Reading.

Bill for an Act to Amend the Border Communities Development Agency Act Cap B10, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 (Establishment) and for other related matters. (Hon. Akarachi E.T. Amadi) – First Reading

I also have five bills ready for Presentation upon resumption of the House with effect from 31st January 2024:


Motion for the Aviation Industry to be Prompted to Take Positive Steps to Ensure and Reassure Nigerians That All Private and Public Commercial Aircraft are Safe, Secure and Equipped with latest Avionics.


To fully achieve our effective representation mandate, we are aware that as humans we might have to change our varying needs and interests and as your representative, it is my duty to know your current yearnings, interests, or advice as per any matter of discourse both in our constituency, state, or nation.

To Enable us to run an open door and all-inclusive representation, in the coming weeks, we will deploy and inaugurate our Constituency offices as follows:




These offices shall operate together with our office in the National Assembly and shall have my full daily attention, to the needs of our people.

Ndi Ikeduru/Mbaitoli, any request, report, petition, information, enquiry  or suggestion you bring to any of our liaison offices will be treated by me with all manner of urgency and respect no matter your political party allegiances or affiliation for we are all one. Our liaison offices will attend to you so far as you are from Ikeduru/Mbaitoli. In the coming weeks we will issue a communique of our brothers and sisters saddled with the responsibilities of leading these liaison offices and we will also introduce them to our Traditional Institutions and government installations in our various areas.

I assure you these Officers will not be partisan for they will only serve the interests of Ikeduru/Mbaitoli and nothing more.



For accountability Purposes, we understand that this mandate is a mandate of trust and it’s a mandate of the people and to the people, we shall bring back the culture of accountability and interaction.

We shall have a quarterly Constituency Briefings, where I will either physically or remotely give an account of my stewardship and hear your feedback, advice, solutions, and urgent needs. This will help shape our legislative agenda and overall representation.


We shall also set out a day or two in the year to have interactive sessions with our brothers and sisters who reside outside the country. Seeing with experience that they are also opinion moulders and are eager to see Ikeduru/Mbaitoli become great again. I have instructed my team to commence compilation of data for this purpose. These sessions will help us do better work and better representation.


Umunnem, the job before me is enormous and requires my full dedication, time, and effort, so it’s going to be impossible to pick all calls at the same time. However, we shall drop SOS lines and social media handles so we can attend to emergencies that our liaison offices can’t handle with time, if I’m not gotten online at the moment, one of our brothers or sisters will take the message and work on it, the ones that we can call back we will call back, but let me assure you that I will try as much as I can to take or return your calls in the slightest chance I get, but I will advise that we use our liaison offices because they will be equipped to solve problems as fast as I can.


Even though I am not elected into an Executive office but a legislative office, I strongly believe that we in Ikeduru/Mbaitoli need a critical Infrastructure Review of our communities, there is too much infrastructure decay and it is as if the story of our most urgent yearnings village by village, communities by communities is not been properly told. From our Roads to our Electricity down to the quality of what we consume or the cost of getting good water both for our consumptions and farms.Ndi Ikeduru/Mbaitoli our Team has since inception begun an internal Audit and Critical Analysis of our problems as per community bases and providing solutions therein, with this analysis when finished we will have developed a comprehensive Roadmap, that we shall begin to Advocate for the Federal government to give critical attention and we shall strive to have a front-line place in the Agenda of this Government both State, Federal or Donor Agencies. Based on the preliminary reports of this Team and pending their Final Report we will launch in the coming months these Programs and Projects.






As your member of the House of Representatives, we have archived the following in the area of Roads and Infrastructure:

Construction of Ochicha-Eke Amaehi Road    –     Completed

Construction of Aforlolo-Afor Eziama Road.   –     Completed

Construction of Amaehie- Owuuzor Road      –     Completed

Construction of NkwoOrji -Obazu Road         –     On going

Rehabilitation of Ama John-Umuahihie-Uzoagba Road Phase 2.     – To Commence 2024

Rehabilitation of Ama John-Umuahihie-Uzoagba Road Phase 3.     – To Commence 2024

Construction of Selected Farm Roads in Iho Ikeduru – To Commence 2024

Design of the Dualization of the Ukwuorji-Umunoha-Nwaorieubi- Mbieri Bypass

By Federal Ministry of Works   – To Commence 2024

We have also received an initial pre-qualification commitment from the Ecological Project Office of the Secretary to the Federal Government for the following Ecological sites; with Reference Number EP/IM/012/VOL/T8

Gully Erosion Control /Road Improvement works at Umuomi-Uzoagba-Eziama Ikeduru LGA. – EP/IM/012/VOL/T8

Gully Erosion Control /Road Improvement Amakohia Okpualla-Owu na Ubi Ikeduru LGA. – EP/IM/012/VOL/T8

Gully Erosion Control /Road Improvement Works at Ochi-Ogwa Mbaitoli LGA. – EP/IM/012/VOL/T8

Gully Erosion Control /Road Improvement Works Umuahi-Mbaeri Mbaitoli LGA. – EP/IM/012/VOL/T8


One of the benefits I enjoyed and I’m more passionate about is Education. I am privileged to have received one of the best Education from my Parents and I am and will remain grateful to them for that privilege. During the campaigns, while I visited our people community by community, I can categorically say that the Community Schools and Government Schools in Ikeduru/Mbaitoli is in a deplorable state and has necessitated the declaration of state of emergency by me.


Therefore, we have declared a state of Emergency in this sector and we will liaise and lobby every agency to hear our cry, Including the state Government, Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), the Ministry of Education, the Federal Government and Donor Agencies. You have my assurances that we will not rest until our Educational Facilities or systems have a facelift.


Driven by my passion and commitment to prioritizing education for young people, I have consistently sponsored scholarship programs for students, spanning from primary to university levels. On my visit to our various schools;

We awarded scholarships to 11 indigent pupils from Iho Comprehensive School in Ikeduru.

Also, 22 students from Umuahi Model Secondary School Umuahi Obi-Mbieri in Mbaitoli received scholarships.

81 students from Ikeduru/Mbaitoli Federal Constituency, who took part in our Free Jamb Registration and scored 200 and above were awarded scholarships on university level.

In total, I paid for 1,173 students to take part in our Free Jamb Registration allowing them to pursue their chosen courses in various universities across Nigeria.


Let me use this opportunity to inform you all to bring your children/wards who have passed their WAEC exam with 5 credits inclusive of English and Mathematics to proceed to any of our constituency office to pick up the 2024 JAMB form already paid for by me.

In 2024 we will renovate a minimum of 7 numbers of 3 classroom blocks


As a youth, I understand the pride in being computer literate, especially in understanding ICT essentials, we have opened a discussion with the State Government Skill Up Programme with the Ministry of Digital Economy and also with the recent Federal Government 3MTT Project with the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy to position Ikeduru/Mbaitoli to be in the front row of the events.

However, we shall launch various programs in the coming months to help our brothers who didn’t make it to these programs of the government to also, be computer literate.  On a community basis our target is to have within the 4years of our tenure we will; have over one thousand (1,000) ICT professionals from Ikeduru/Mbaitoli by the end of our 4year tenue.


Our idea about empowerment isn’t just about giving people things or finances, or doing photo ups for the media. We strongly believe in the word Empowerment as it connotes, meaning  something that will transmit a person into an employer of labour no matter how small. We have opened talks with different government agencies such as Small and medium Enterprise Development Agency (SMEDAN), where everyone under any of our programme will be encouraged and helped to first of all get a legal entity business registered first, also linked to trusted micro finance banks to help these businesses grow and stabilize. Our Target is to create 1,000 small and medium businesses in 4years in our Federal Constituency.

We have also started engaging the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) and the National Productivity Centre (NPC) Abuja on a better framework to help our constituency through further engaging in the unemployment data base and framework to enable the Ikeduru/Mbaitoli First Agenda.  We shall soon call for qualified candidates according to the criteria provided by any Federal Government Agency and we will be in the fore front to lobby and make sure we get most of our people involved.

My Dearest Constituents, I will need to stop here and remind you of my Election Mantra, (E dey Play E dey Show.

Let me Assure us that I won’t disappoint you, and I won’t betray your trust, for I represent you and fight for Ikeduru/Mbaitoli First.

Thank you

God Bless Ikeduru/ Mbaitoli Federal Constituency.

God Bless Owerri Zone

God Bless Imo state

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Irobi Darlington writes from Obazu Mbieri, Mbaitoli


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