Cosmas Iwu: Catalyst, Adroit Administrator And Certified Achiever

By Joseph Aniemeka Nwachukwu

Writing in the Edge of the sword, Former French leader, Charles de Gualle speaks of a man of character as someone who “Finds a special attractiveness in difficulty, since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty that he can realize his potentialities.”

The above statement brutally captures iconic Chief Cosmas Nkemjika Iwu, the Secretary to the Government of Imo State. By divine providence or arrangement he is bringing his background of results delivery in various fields of endeavour to bear in his present capacity as the state’s Chef scribe, and admittedly has been one of the most astute and strong catalysts in building our dear state. He does not do things in half measures, neither can he also be stampeded into action. He understands the fundamentals of leadership and the intricacies, nuances and esoteric essence of character.

Chief Cosmas Iwu maintains the standards in leadership over the affairs of the state and shows the discipline and intelligence required to chart a new veritable course for Imo State as well altruistically providing a strong spring board for the success of Governor Hope Uzodimma’s people oriented projects and exemplary performance in governance. Governor Uzodimma has convincingly and undeniably demonstrated political sagacity and dexterity by achieving critical milestones, constructive engagements with critical stakeholders and Imolites and by applying emotional intelligence he has so far demonstrated his understanding of the feelings and needs of Imolites. This is in line with the statement of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew – the first Prime Minister of Singapore, “A nation is great not by its size alone. It is the will. The cohesion, the stamina, the discipline of its people and the quality of their leaders which ensure it’s honourable place in history.”

It is practically evident that Chief Cosmas Iwu is serving his state, the supreme God, and Imolites with absolute honesty and integrity without pecuniary or material motivation.

Imolites are very proud of Governor Hope Uzodimma and Chief Cosmas Nkemjika Iwu (SGI) for their exceptional leadership, competence, strategic thinking and stellar achievements in the state, both in theory and practice. As critical stakeholders have observed at different fora, Senator Hope Uzodimma is a courageous leader who possesses among other gifts, an uncanny ability, the mental capacity, impeccable sense of duty, honour, competence, loyalty and result orientation to deliver the expected democratic dividends.

For instance, the current SGI has eminently identified the salient principles that guide his preferences about what leadership character entails. He has not been standoffish in his task of driving the ship of statecraft to the people’s desired haven.

Lest we forget and regret, many millennia ago, the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar was agitated about what would come after his reign and was anxious to do the right thing to ensure his empire lasted. Julius Caesar went out of his way to identify his sickly nephew (Octavius) Augustus in order to sustain the Roman Empire’s greatness. And the Ottoman Emperor Suleyman ‘the magnificent’ identified the most competent among his children as successor, with the help of his wife, of course, just like King David and Solomon did. And then there is China today with its unique leadership recruitment process that enables competent administrators to assume office at various levels. Unlike some Imo state major stakeholders, these all had altruism and depth of almost ethereal proportion, in appreciating leaders with character and capacity.

For SUN TZU, the Chinese General/ leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, humanness, courage and discipline”, all of which have a symbotic relationship.

According to some Imolites interviewed, since assumption of office as SGI, Chief Iwu has left no one in doubt, about his prodigious administrative acumen, robust intellect, keen vision, transparent honesty and the sheer capacity to organize men and materials for memorable results. He is a man of competence and accomplishment with proven and impressive record of performance. Today, we have come to realize a number of factors that have enabled Chief Iwu to successfully excel in the task of directing the affairs of Imo Government functionaries, as envisioned by Governor Uzodinma with the aim of improving the welfare of the people at a time of profound challenges as we are currently experiencing in the nation. They include track record, vision*honesty and character among others.

The Secretary to the State Government (SGI) is an ardent student of leadership who has developed his leadership repertoires through spending much time studying leaders like Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, etc. As a practicing Christian, his character which is an indispensable element of his success as a leader, is rooted in the scriptures. Chief Cosmas Iwu appreciates that leadership is not about age but rather about character, discipline, intuition, intellect, vision and deep experience in various fields of life.

Surely, Chief Iwu has done stupendously well. He is forging ahead undaunted. He exudes a heart of steel, tried and tested by time, and history and unencumbered by vicissitudes of life. As a brilliant technocrat he has strategically meandered through tasks tearsome and cumbersome enough, and endured distractions with unusual tenacity and equanimity.

Chief Cosmas Iwu’s fortitude is matched only by his confidence and optimism. He is a man with an intuitive and unerringly canny capacity for sound choices, an administrator with a keen sense of smell for unobtrusive agenda unconstrained by science. His nature and background have adroitly imbued him with matchless capacity to confront danger without flinching. Not lacking in self-esteem, he has succeeded in making the lion lie down with the lamb because he is not a stranger to political battles or firmament. His previous political battles have prepared him to implicitly master the art of foresight, hindsight, insight as they all work to bring out the greatness in him. He acquired more oomph battling his way through the gauntlet of cantankerous and envious giants. He is the first social and management scientist to occupy the office of the Secretary to the state Government of Imo State twice since the civil war ended.

Chief Cosmas Iwu is accustomed to swimming against the tide when necessary. He relies on his leadership acumen to make a difference. However, making a success of his present role in the 3R administration requires subliminal skills and political strategy as always. He is acquainted with the metaphysics of leadership, of course, and does not equate or even limit great leadership to physical development. Chief Iwu’s successful outings as Executive Assistant (ADM) during the Udenwa regime that made Governor Ikedi Ohakim to appoint him the (SGI) also led to his present position by Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma. He has constantly discharged his duties in line with nineteenth century German Chancellor, Otto, VON Bismarck, who pondered his subjects and concluded that, “the statesman’s task is to hear God’s footsteps marching through history and to try and catch on to His coattails as He marches past”. It is clear that as SGI,

Chief Cosmas Iwu took this lesson to heart and understands its subtle and hugely significant meaning. Indeed, judging from his certified achievements, he .appreciates that essence of the statement. Now, he most unequivocally treasures it.

No doubt he has been keenly developing himself, making friends, reaching out and showing courage and strength in the face of uncertainties and odds potent enough to break a dozen gifted men at once. But in the end, his conclusion is that God has prospered his politics and gave him a memorable place of life.

Chief Cosmas Iwu is a strong catalyst for state and nation building, a man of substance and immense grace. The finger of God has always directed the path of this firebrand who maintains apostolic and aristocratic lifestyle. He has set a standard benchmark, worthy and illustrious record of an experienced technocrat and looks forward to more service delivery to humanity.

Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and Michel de Nostradamus believe and Chief Cosmas Nkemjika Iwu wholly agrees that excellence does not come by accident. It is achieved by habit and conscious commitment to one’s goals and objectives.

Dennis Pager may be speaking about Imolites, when he said that “goodness is about character, integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral, courage, and the likes. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people”.

Dr. Joseph Aniemeka Nwachukwu

Public Affairs Analyst.


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