Orlu 2023 Legislative Election: Between Precious Nwadike And Desperation Of an Incumbent 2

As the race for who represents the Orlu LGA at the Imo House of Assembly in 2023 gathers momentum, I wish again to call the attention of the people to the destabilizing antics of the incumbent House Member for Orlu Constituency, Hon. Chief Paschal Okolie towards the youthful Comr. Precious Nwadike.

Like I wrote in the first volume of this piece, the entrance of Comrade Precious Nwadike in the contest for the Orlu Representative at the Imo House of Assembly in 2023, has completely shattered the dreams of Hon. Paschal Okolie of becoming the first person to win the election for a second term of office.

Hon. Paschal Obi, who against all entreaties by well meaning Orlu people, threw his hat into the ring when it is no longer the turn of his people to do so, had known that Precious Nwadike is going to be his biggest headache.

And he has not hidden his intention to block the young man from making further Political Progress with respect to the Imo Legislative Election.

So from day one, Chief Ebekuo had his sight set on the *”Operation Stop Precious Nwadike at all cost”

For instance, Hon. Ebekuo was said to have funded one of the PDP aspirants (someone who before now was a close Political ally of Precious) who is from the Orlu/Mgbee/Government Station Ward, the same ward from where Precious Nwadike hails, just to drastically reduce his chances of clinching the ticket.

Now having won the PDP ticket, Chief Paschal Okolie thought that his political problems are over, and that the only major obstacle to his winning the election for the second time, has been surmounted.

But he got the rudest shock of his life, when Comrade Precious Nwadike was eventually announced as the Labour Party Candidate for the same Election.

Since then, Paschal Okolie has known no peace.

He has been perching from one door to another, hatching, and  plotting on how to shoot the young man’s ambition down before the election proper.

If Hon. Paschal Okolie is sure of himself, then why he is afraid of Precious Nwadike contesting in the election?

Why is he working day and night to ensure that Precious Nwadike is disqualified from running for his office?

As if the uncommon bravado he has displayed is rubbishing the brotherly Chart of Equity in Orlu Political arrangements, is not bad enough, Ebekuo is firing at all cylinders to make sure that the indignities he has hurled on the Isu Clan is cemented in 2023 with a reckless abandon.

When his plans to stop Precious Nwadike through the courts by way of an Exparte Motion became Public Knowledge, Chief Paschal Okolie, hurriedly denied ever going to court against Precious Nwadike.

A case which came up for hearing yesterday?

What manner of an Honourable Member?

It is important that the Orlu know now the watery character of the man who has been representing them for the last three years.

While he was plotting his case at the court, Chief Paschal Okolie, like he did in 2014, has gone ahead to hijack the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), in Orlu, and instantly threw up a non-entity from the Orlu/Mgbee/Government Station Ward, (Precious Nwadike’s ward again), as her House of Assembly Candidate.

So the questions are:

Why is Hon. Paschal Okolie bent on subverting the dictates of the Orlu Charter of Equity?

Must he go back to the House at the expense of the Peace and Tranquility in his LGA?

Are the Orlu People going to watch idly as this confirmed Legislative Failure bulldozes his way through some of the things that have held the people together for ages?

And why is Precious Nwadike, his only headache for the forthcoming Election?

Is he beginning to read correctly, the writings on the wall?

The fact of the matter remains that Paschal Okolie is a desperate man.

But his desperation notwithstanding, Orlu people have chosen Comr. Precious Nwadike as their next House Member come 2023.

So for all his dirty tricks and shady, and underhand deals, Chief Ebekuo is on his way out of the House.

His swansong of attaining a Ranking Member status, and therefore, giving Orlu the opportunity of producing a Presiding Officer of the House, is nothing but a ruse.

The recent events at the Imo House of Assembly, have shown it to be a House where Ranking plays no role at all.

Do we equally talk about the fact that Ebekuo and the Imo State Governor are not of the same party?

So what else will re-electing Paschal Okolie do for Orlu people?


Absolutely Nothing!!

In any case, Orlu people are too sophisticated enough to reward a failure with another term of office.

All over the LGA, the new song on the people’s lips is Precious Nwadike, a breath of fresh air, a marked departure from a forlorn past.

Orlu is Preciously Obidient indeed.

UgoGold Ọfọnedu

Head, Media and Strategic Communications, The Orlu Restoration Movement.


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