Farewell To Queen Of Slavery And Pogrom

By Christian Akpunonu

The world is alerted by the recent exit of the most powerful Queen cum political diva at the nonegenerian age–Queen Elizabeth of England.With her departure,the Prince Charles III steps  in as the Uno Numero of the UK, and the entire Common Wealth of Nations comprising of 88  member nations.This is the scope of overwhelming influence of the demised Queen. The influence that  spanned through the era of Slavery and colonialism till date. These two phenomenon went down in the annals of  human history as the most profound injustices against mankind, depicting and typifying the most terrible, horrific and horrendous acts human inflicted atrocities.It is very ironical that the news of the death of the Queen generates widespread controversial compliments, analysis and interpretations. That’s curious, you know.

This is so, because the powers welded by the Queen transversed so many countries, even continents.And such supreme influences went not without profound attraction of loyalties.The countries, continents known to be colonies of this great personality owe great allegiance to the Queen, even beyond her demise. It comes in forms of  direct and indirect tributes and royalties.This national, transnational and continental socio-political figure did actually touch the world at large in diverse regards.The social and economic and political impacts dissipated by this lifetime leadership figure appears approximately inestimable.

From the negative perspectives,the actual victims of the late Queen’s overbearing influence , perhaps contemplates heaving sighs of relief now. Conversely,those enjoying the dividends of the domineering influence stand to realize the essence of times and seasons, especially at the period of reckoning.

Certainly, no matter how powerful Queen Elizabeth was, only God deserves the unique status of eternal supremacy. In fact, no mortal in this mundane potion of life can attain the utopian height of eternal supremacy nay the monarchs.Nothing is permanent in this life except change itself,as the only constant factor.This is true, because, everything is transient.But,time is ever dynamic and goes on eternally without stopping.No one can stop the time.

Truly,the late Queen’s overbearing influence is constrained by the effluxion of time . As one popular Reggae musician of blessed memories, the late Robert Nesta Marley (aka Bob Marley) said in one of his popular songs;”Time will tell.”Many people today,guided by historical accounts and ancestral backgrounds are not happy about the collosal status of the late Queen,vis-a-vis her footprints, legacies, pedigrees as to it’s shrouded in regrets and imbued of gloom and despondency.

The issues of the slavery days which the overlords masterminded and supervised, really etched an indelible mark and mementoes in the overall minds and psyches of the human race.Secondly, the apparently subtle but prominent attitudes of colonialism and imperialism lacerated the intellectual stature of the victims like nothing else in this life. It naturally diminished the integrity of the victims as fellow mortals by the magnitude unequal to nothing else.It is not only appalling ,but, unsettling and devastating to realize the degree of the abaration unleashed by fellow human beings on  others

Taking undue  advantage of privileges and prevailing unfathomable circumstances of the vissiccitudes of life.The imperialists toady the victims of colonialism by the vicious hoodwink of religion.The Christian missionaries took  sinister voyages to the virgin climes with sinister intentions.Similarly, the slave masters enjoyed the illicit trading in humans with ulterior motives.They took the slaves for a price,with ill-intentions of forced and free labour; cultural appropriation and social domination,et cetera.

Unequivocally, the Queen Elizabeth of this great historical relevance spent her longevity indulging in dehumanizing the less privileged humans and races. These are unfortunately unforgettable and unpardonable experiences.

Obviously, the late Queen’s lifetimes and rulership leaves much to be desired.The evil that men do lives after them, according to the Shakespearean wisdom. For we all are accountable for our deeds before the creator of the world–God of all creations .

Many people are suffering untold intimidations and humiliations emanating from the bequeathed distortions of the human racial cohesion.The vices of Slavery and colonialism begat the evil known as racism.Henceforth,racial segregation envelopes the human racial co-existence and nearly rendered it an illusion.This is  very atrocious.

This explains both the global turmoil and social disharmony and disorder manifesting in lingering global crisis.


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