Ozuruigbo Of Owerri: Umu Njemanze, Our Elders Are Our Problem

­­­­I am not a scientist, but I am educated enough to know that the only way to fully resolve a problem is by finding the root cause, analyzing, diagnosing, and then finding the solution.

The confusion and problem in the Njemanze family will never be resolved until we do a forensic analysis of our problem, find the cause, and then arrive at a solution.  Without going any further, I can correctly diagnose that the major problems in the Njemanze family are; greed, money, and power.

Our Grandfather Njemanze Ihenacho, went to prison in Degema, Rivers State and fought many battles.  He protected his children from slavery just to preserve our Dynasty that is being destroyed in our own eyes today.

Why are greed, money, power, and selfishness destroying our Dynasty?  Umu Njemanze, why has it come to this? I remember growing up a few years ago in Owerre before my trip overseas.  Life as an Njemanze was great.  I remember my dad and uncles coming to the Njemanze compound every evening to visit and check up on their brothers and sisters.  As a young college student, I remember making sure to ambush some of my uncles for some money for books and transportation to the College of Science and Technology Nekede.  Life was good and fun.  We could go to any of our uncles and aunties home to eat, drink, and have fun without fear.

What is wrong with the Njemanzes today?  I am just asking what happened to honesty, telling the truth and standing up for what is right?  Are there any more honest and trustworthy Njemanzes alive?  Where are you?  We cannot continue blaming everyone for our family problems when we are our own enemy.

We crawl under the armpits of every Imo State Governor no matter the political party and become their best friends.  We eat, drink, and interact with them until we are taken off their payroll and they become our enemies.

If I have to report on the State of our Union today I proudly state that Nda Bobo you are the PROBLEM in our union and let me tell you why.  Look at what you are doing with the select ion of Eze Owerre.  You are trying to eat from both sides with absolutely NO SHAME.  You are causing the current earthquake in the Njemanze family and you know what you are doing.  We can’t blame Dementia; you are taking this Dynasty that you swore to protect down a very slippery and shaky slope.  You are watching our Dynasty at the tip of the collision and smiling while it is about to be destroyed.

Nda Bobo, you were one of my most favorite uncles and I just can’t believe what my eyes are seeing.  In 2019, you went to my brother’s hotel and begged him to return home to be the next Ozurigbo of Owerre.  Three years later, without the courtesy of first telling him what you claim the Youth of Owerre decided, you secretly connived with Owerre youth to demand 2 weeks from our Elders just to justify your selfish desires.  Nde Owerre wants to know how much you got or what landed property you received in exchange.  Your people want an answer.  If you didn’t receive anything, please speak now or forever be quiet.

I am very ashamed for you, selecting a Crown Prince is the stupidest thing the Njemanze family has done in my lifetime.  Please show me anywhere in Igboland where someone is given the title of a Crown Prince.  Let me tell you something, the term Crown Prince in Njemanze dynasty was started by my late dad because his deteriorating health did not allow him to attend all functions as the Paramount ruler of Owerre.  He wanted his constituency to be represented, hence he crowned one of the royal princes to represent and cast votes on his behalf.  He anointed the Crown prince while alive as the Paramount ruler of Owerre, knowing his position was that of a lifetime, and Owerre couldn’t have two Ezes.

My people look at Saudi Arabia.  The King of Saudi Arabia anointed his son as a crown prince because he was too ill to satisfactorily perform the duties of his royal kingdom.  The Saudi King is still alive and so his son cannot be crowned king until he exits this world.  Exactly what my dad did, and when he passed away, the selected crown prince becamse Ozurigbo the V of Owerre.  The point that I am making is no one has the right to select a crown prince EXCEPT the ruling monarch.  Nda Bobo, respectfully, you are creating problems in the Njemanze family and your credibility is worth ten kobo as we speak.  I don’t think anyone should currently trust a word you say or any action from you in the whole state.  With NO SHAME at all, after being embarrassed by my brother’s article, you had the guts to return to the press and tell them there has been a change in the selection of Ozurigbo of Owerre.  How long will that selection last?  When the next land or money is deposited into your account, you will once again change your mind on your current selection.  Please stop disgracing the Njemanze family, we are all exhausted, I am holding my breath.

I repeat ONLY a living traditional ruler can select and anoint a crown prince.  In the space of two weeks you have gone from crown prince to Eze select.  Nda what kind of cigar are you smoking?  Please share!!!

My late dad was not a millionaire but he was very comfortable in his own skin.  He never took bribes nor withheld the properties of his subordinates.  Our parents raised my brother and I to be comfortable in our own skin and to not take what did not belong to us.  I remember before my brother and I left for the United States, my dad told each of us that he would be very proud to read an article or see a picture of us standing on the road side begging for food and water instead of a prison mug shot charging us for stealing or a crime.  He always said a REAL Njemanze does not steal.  He advised us to always speak the truth fearlessly, stand up for what we know is right, and to defend the helpless with all our strength.  My brother and I remind each other of that promise everyday as we speak.  We always remind each other about this quotation that states, “When you lose your money, you lose nothing, when you lose your health, you lose something, when you lose your character, you lose everything.”  Author Unknown.  So remember that because we do.

My brother and I have been accused of not being Njemanzes because I speak the truth.  But to all of you out there, I tell you, I am a full blooded Njemanze.  I am my father’s daughter, fearless as heck.  I am following the footsteps of my dad and my credibility at least with Nde Owerre is a heck of a lot better than most of you.

I was also reminded that I couldn’t reap what I didn’t sow.  To that I say, what did you sow?  My grandfather Njemanze Ihenacho planted all the seeds you are enjoying.  He laid his life down to protect all the Landed Properties all of you are dividing and selling amongst yourselves.  Some of your mothers had no farm land.  When Ex Governor Okorocha came after Area K, our youth defended.  When he destroyed Eke Ukwu Owerre our ancestral market, our Youth defended.  Somto Chukwu sacrificed his 10 year old life and was killed, may he rest in peace.  When our existence is threatened all of you Land Sellers crawl into your luxurious beds knowing our youth will defend.

What have you done for our youth lately?  The Landed Properties they defended and were returned to the Nde Owerre are divided among the same greedy elders and nothing given to our youth.  These elders are using these Lands that are supposed to belong to Nde Owerre, to sustain their luxurious lives while our youth are suffering with no money, no land, and no food nor drink.  Why is the crime rate in Owerre so high???  This same Njemanze Elders are misguiding and abusing our youth to their benefit, so they struggle.  My dad always said a REAL Njemanze does not steal.  When we tried to start an organization for Umu Njemanze abroad, it did not last long because the so called President stole all the money from our convention with a straight face till this day.  What is wrong with us?  Where is all the recovered land given to the Njemanzes?  Who has them?  What did NJemanze youth get?

Nda Declan Njemanze, I am calling on you for an explanation.  You all must resign and let the young Njemanzes lead us to the 22nd century.  We are tired of your Leadership.  We have become the laughing stock of the world.

When Okorocha was in power, the same Njemanze elders ate, drank, and spent several weekends in the governor’s mansion.  They were all eating and drinking with Okorocha while the Balkanization of Njemanze was going on and said nothing to him.  They never complained or discouraged him from Balkanization of Owerre.  When he stopped them from eating on his golden table, everyone suddenly woke up sprinting to Imo State Press crying about Balkanization.  The punishment Nde Njemanze received from Okorocha was intended for all the elders that pissed him off.  Where were you when our Dynasty was being destroyed?  You never explained to Owerre people why you disqualified my brother Prince Charles Anumaku Njemanze in your senseless newspaper rebuttal.  Tell them the truth; did they bribe you with money or land?

Why was my brother not qualified?  Who are you to make the decision for the Njemanzes while you are in court with Peter Njemanze fighting to clarify your identity as an Njemanze.  You need to resolve that court case with Peter Njemanze with a DNA Test.  I thought my late father settled the Ohiri family saga before his death.  Why is it creeping up again?  The truth is coming, you all need to get a real job and stop making a living by selling people’s land.  Your credibility has been flushed down the toilet.  You do not represent the Njemanzes anymore; you are enriching your pocket using our grandfather’s name.

Nda Bobo, you keep jumping from political parties only to enrich your pocket and the Njemanzes suffer because of your actions.  No one should conduct any business with him on behalf of the Njemanzes.

Today I am calling on all full blooded Njemanzes, both home and abroad, to return home and keep your Grandfather’s dynasty alive.  I am also calling on all the 5 compounds of Owerre to reject the selection of this crown prince.  We must no longer allow these naturalized Njemanze citizens to overtake our father’s house and make us their tenants.  You all know who you are, I say to you come on home and fix the leaky roof left behind by these greedy elders.  We might need DNA to establish lineage and my brother Charles and I are ready to be the first in line.  As for the selection process to elect the Ozuribgo VI of Owerre, the fight will NEVER be over until the fat lady sings.  Only a full blooded Njemanze has the right to that throne.  May God have mercy on us all.  Umunnem Ndewo!!

Long Live Njemanze Family

Long Live Our Governor

Long Live my beautiful Imo State

Long Live the Republic of Nigeria

Mrs. Stella Anumaku Njemanze Neboh

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